Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What is Our Purpose?

What is our purpose? Why are we doing…what it is that we’re doing? Is it a burning passion, a deep seeded obsession, maybe it’s a gripping vice, or as simple as a convenient habit? I’m not talking about what we do for a living, our jobs or hobbies…I’m talking about that unwavering intention we can’t seem to shake from our souls. No matter what happens around us, we can’t stop thinking about it; we can’t stop feeling the need to move toward the light of its discovery.

Whether it’s painting, writing, raising our children, or feeding the hungry, what motivates us to drag our battered bones across the finish line? Is it self-preservation or just plain ego? Or does it even matter?

We all come into this world as intention that grows within the womb of possibility. We are the ones that think the thoughts that birth the realities within our lives. It’s our swirling ideas that we allow to setup shop in our consciousness that creates our heavenly or hellish experience. It is the stories we cling to until our knuckles turn white or the superstitions we embody in order to keep people from knowing who we truly are, that create our bondage.

More times than not we’ve twisted conversations into “poor me-s” and “look at how bad I have it-s” in order to feel important, accepted, or empowered. We lost sight of our purpose before we even had a chance to realize we had the power to discover what our purpose was.

How fast the world would change if we came from the unconditional love within our hearts and true forgiveness when someone has forsaken us. Let’s face it, in order to love the world we must first love our place in it. We can’t embody peace if we are always walking around pissed off at the cat for scratching the couch or the kids for spilling red sport drinks on the cream carpet. We can’t come from happiness if we keep posting on the internet about someone who has hurt us. What stories are we fostering? What words and thoughts are we using to create our realities?

You see…in order for us to truly be free in this world, we must learn to live in freedom. In order to feel love we must come from love. We want closer friendships, so we must begin by being a close friend. Open our hearts and feel the greatness within every person we come across. If we need to change our financial situation—start by giving. Prosperity begets prosperous actions. Give first and all else shall be add upon you. Ask and you will receive, Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will opened.

The Universe is reciprocal; we see it in nature; the changing seasons, the rotation of the planets, and the life cycles of all living things. What goes around comes around in every aspect of existence. Whether we are talking man made experiences or natural phenomenon, life always finds a way to constantly produce. Purpose is the driving force in nature and everything has a purpose.

When we realize that there is something creative within us waiting for our discovery of it, life opens up and shows us the way. Unfortunately, most of us are too busy living in fear and listening to self-judgment. We are too caught up in believing we aren’t worthy or good enough. But once we move from that place of race consciousness or worldly beliefs, and we take a moment to silence our minds, we will realize our purpose has always been waiting patiently to be discovered.

Thanks for reading my ramblings…I am truly grateful for your visit!

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