Monday, June 18, 2012

Is Success a Coincidence or More Than That?

How often do we have great events occur in our lives only to chalk them up to coincidences or luck? We make excuses for the abundance that shows up in our lives and pander to the negative naysayers because we think it’s what society would want us to do. When will we come to realize, demonstrations ensue because we’ve stated or spoken our Word, and the Universe acted upon It?

We have the ability to be great, abundant, peaceful, educated, teachable, joy-filled, loving expressions of life. We contain the road map to inner peace, within our hearts; all we have to do is learn to read the legend. We must learn how to become still and listen; we must wake up to our potential and we must believe, embody, and come from Unconditional Love.

There is a Power greater than we are that knows what to do and how to do it. All we have to do is be open to accept It. When we begin to pay attention to the thoughts we think and the words that we utter, we start to see why our lives are the way they are. How many times a day are we saying, “I don’t have enough…” and add words like, money, time, or energy?” or we say, “I am,” and add something negative behind it. Or even, “I don’t know how I’m going to…” and follow it with something limiting? Let me just say right now, I believe there is more than enough for everyone. MORE THAN ENOUGH! There is plenty of time, money, resources, love, energy, joy, happiness and peace in this world!

It is time to wake up to the wonders of the Universe. If a sperm and an egg can unite and nine months later became you, then anything is possible! When life decided to express itself, it knew where to put our feet, eyes, fingers and brain. This viable energy knew what to do and how to do it! WE DIDN’T HAVE TO DO—ANYTHING! We didn’t have to think about it, we didn’t have to mingle or muck it up. We didn’t have to make it happen or try and figure out how it was going to be done. There was no conscious decision on our part; all we had to know was that life was being created.

It is the same in every aspect of our lives. We don’t need to know how something’s going to happen; we just need to know right and perfect action is taking place. We don’t go to the car mechanic and ask him how he fixed our car, we just know he did it and it works. We don’t go to an electrician and ask him to explain how electricity is harnessed and brought to our homes, he does his job and we benefit from his knowledge. Why is it any different with our lives?

I know there is a power greater than me that wants to give me the kingdom. It wants to express life through me so much it gives me whatever I ask for, whatever words tumble from my mouth and whatever thoughts roll around in my head.

Therefore, I can look at my life and see exactly what my focus has been. We all can…If I’m tired all the time; I need to stop bellyaching about being tired. If my finances are tight, I’ve gotta re-evaluate what my views are of the economy, my bank account or job situation? I have to ask myself, have I bought into the fear of lack? Have I fallen into the Pandora’s Box of…there isn’t enough to go around?

I know that when my thoughts are focused on the lack of anything in my life, it shows up. When my thinking or words are about anything less than—I can watch my world begin to dry up and close in around me. A vicious cycle begins and I play right into it. I stop giving, I stop helping, and I become this meager thinker about life. I begin to think about who has more, I question how they are able to afford such nice things, and I feel myself starting to resent people for being successful.

Well guess what? Prosperity begets prosperity; peace grows peace, love blooms love and so forth. The minute we stop and change our approach to life, life changes its approach to us. That’s how life works. So in learning that, now when I see someone who is successful, talented, bright, and filled with peace, I celebrate them. I don’t question how they did it; I don’t resent them for what they have or how they are doing. I genuinely celebrate them and wish them more success and happiness. Because I know what you put out into the world comes right back at you; YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. I know that I want my life to flourish with prosperity, peace, love, happiness and freedom.

With everything I am, I totally believe we can change our world and our lives by changing our thinking…one thought at a time!

Thanks for hanging out and reading my ramblings!

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