Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sometimes There Just Aren't Enough Rocks...

“Sometimes there just aren’t enough rocks…” Forrest Gump.

Isn’t that true? When we are in the deepest moment of “why mes” and “Go figures” and we are faced with either clutching the rocks protruding from the side of the steep mountain or letting go and tumbling into the dark crevices of the unknown; it never seems to fail that we run out of rocks. In the moments of our inability to see our way through it and we think we lack the rational to talk ourselves out of it, we seem to fall short of aspersions to cast.

We grab for anything that will save us from plummeting down our mountains. We cling to fleshy roots or thin brittle ledges while making deals and pleading for our souls. We’ve come face to face with the tipping point of surrendering, and even so, we make one last ditch effort to bargain for our salvation.

We do this because we fear the unknown. We fear the judgment of others, the lack of control, and the chaos that will inevitably ensue. The fear is real. Fear threatens our survival, our sanity, our existence, and our very livingness. We see it every day with people we meet. Fear is coveted by some, while shunned by others.

It is so easy to surrender to fear’s seductive nature. It is so insidious that most of the time we don’t even realize we are functioning in its clutches. One moment we are content in our lives, then the next we feel the strain of fear engorge our hearts, intruding the very sacred space we thought we had infused with confidence, gratitude, and love.

But what if we looked at fear differently? What if we approached fear with the belief that it is nothing more than…an annoying case of the hiccups? How fast the strangling hold of fear would lose its grasp in our lives. Amazingly enough...we can hold our breaths, and heal ourselves.

Really? All we have to do is hold our breath and change our life? Yes…it is a moment of interrupt—that’s all. It is changing our mind about what we see, how we react to the situation, and the willingness to let go.

Because if we take a second to see that somewhere in this instance of chaos there is perfect logic occurring, then we can identify the source of our fear and change our idea about it. Then, and only then, we can encapsulate the fear in Peace and Love.

Sometimes we are so buried in a situation that we can’t see a way out. We are so stuck in our disbelief that we need someone to plunge themselves up to their shoulder blades, into our deep dark sea of despondency and haul us out. And it’s in that desperate moment, when we think nobody’s willing to sacrifice themselves for us; that someone is there able to pull us out. It is that moment when we come to realize, they had been there the entire time, waiting for us to reach up. But we must be willing to grasp their hands. We must be ready to change the way we react to the situation.

I’ve stated it before; one of my most favorite quotes by Albert Einstein, “You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”

Are we trying to fix a situation using the same consciousness that put us in the muck and mire? Are we clinging to false hope that if we put our heads in the sand, the tidal wave won’t bowl us over?

Every day we wake up breathing, give thanks. Every day we have the ability to take up thy bed and walk, give gratitude, and every day we love someone and someone loves us back, celebrate it. 

Then we will prove fear has no place in our lives. Then we will find the thick strong ledges of our mountain and then we will find out…we had a safety line attached around our bodies the entire time. We just had an annoying case of the hiccups.

Thanks for hanging out and reading my ramblings~

Sunday, July 22, 2012

What Floats Your Boat?

Sometimes it takes scraping across the deepest part of the ocean floor to really appreciate the wonders of its immense possibilities.

Now, I’m not suggesting you go drown yourself in the ocean to discover the answers to your life’s problems. However; the shock of the frothy freezing waves as they pummel you against the hard sandy beach, just might do the trick.

Because if the ocean, with all its undiscovered hidden treasures and rich abundant sea life, can rejuvenate and support itself so perfectly and with such ease, then why can’t we? What makes us so different than the ocean? Okay, so we don’t have crabs, or tuna swimming freely in the cavernous spaces of our bodies; but we do have the same capabilities as the ocean, in a metaphorical sense. Are we not controlled by the pull of the Sun and Moon? Is not our bodies made up of 97%....water? And do we give life and sustain life around us?

It isn’t the challenges of life that make it worth living; it is how we overcome them. It’s how we react to the swells of change and tides of fortune that make up who we are. We can fear the ocean’s enormity or we can be enamored by its elegance. The choice is ours.

Think about that for a moment…the ocean doesn’t care what we do with it. We can make electricity with it, we can swim in it, pee in it, surf it, take it in buckets and build sandcastles with it, or even sail ships upon it. The ocean doesn’t care because it doesn’t have to. It just is...

The ocean gives of itself without conditions, without fear, and without expecting anything back. WOW…can we say we do the same thing? Can we actually look at our potential, and say—“I give of myself without conditions, without fear, and without expecting anything back?” If you can honestly say you do, then by all means, walk upon the waters, calm the raging seas, and heal the masses of all their ills.

I’m not saying we can never do amazing things, I believe we all have the ability to obtain greatness; all I’m saying is it takes a lot of dedication and practice. We won’t wake up one day and be as open and fluidic as the ocean, but through changing our thoughts, changing the reactions to the world, and changing our dialogue, we can take a huge leap in the right direction.

It is what we do every day and how we feel while we are doing it, that either makes us limitless like the ocean or stagnant like a cesspool.

When undesirable situations come up, how do we react? Are we coming from a consciousness of peace, understanding and love? Or are we hostile, angry, and offended? When someone goes out of their way to help us, are we grateful? Or are we critical? Do we keep talking about the same worn out experiences and past events that evoke feelings of fear, doubt, jealousy, and pain? Or are we letting go of past mistakes and opening up to new possibilities?

Ultimately, if we are like the ocean, people’s limited ideas can’t define us, our possibilities are limitless, our conditions healed, and our worries dispersed in the vast nothingness from which they came.

It is up to us, as individuals to re-evaluate what is important to us, what rejuvenates and re-affirms our place in this world…it’s time to discover…what floats our boat!

Thanks for hanging out and reading my ramblings!

Monday, July 16, 2012

You Are Worth It!

Guilt is such a fun sucker! I know I’ve been absent from blogging the last couple of weeks, and man do I feel it! I’ve been really working on finishing Wilson Mooney, Eighteen at Last. I promised my readers I would have the 2nd book in a series out before the end of 2012…what was I thinking?

So, something’s gotta give. Besides, my family has 3rd degree burns on their bums from hanging out on the back burner.

Why do we do that? Why do we end up treating strangers and acquaintances better than the people we love? Or for that matter, let’s look a little deeper…why do we keep putting everyone’s needs before our own?
When will we learn that if our needs aren’t addressed and tamed, we will eventually resent the needs of others? When will their needs ever be fulfilled? NEVER—every person in your life will always need something—always. Now, I’m not saying that it is a bad thing. As a matter of fact, it can make us feel accomplished, needed, desired, and wanted…But there is a delicate balance to the ying and yang of our lives.

Too often we find reasons we can’t have a weekend away, a new outfit, a pair of shoes, a special moment, or that completely useless item we desire. So often we will take the smallest helping at dinner so everyone else can be satisfied or forgo a day to ourselves because it feels we are taking from those we love.

Our fears of being selfish have been ingrained within us at a young age. “Don’t be so selfish!” or “Oh, you’re so stingy.” How about, “All you think about is yourself.” So we hear these things as kids and young adults, and eventually we embody them as our own personal devils on our shoulders. We learn that we must sacrifice or give up in order to be loved or worthy. God forbid, we grow up selfish…

Let me say it again…there is a delicate, fluidic balance between the ying and yang or the cause and effect of your life. I’m not saying, go out neglect your family, take all you can get, or become a selfish person. What I am saying is there comes a point in your life where you must pull your nose from the grindstone of life and re-evaluate how you are treating yourself. Are you putting everyone needs before your own? Are you pleasing the people around you without consideration to your own needs?

How harmful would it really be if you took the time for a bubble bath instead of a shower? Would the world fall off its axis if you actually went to lunch with a friend instead of making sure your family’s laundry was all done? 

If we keep looking for excuses to be a martyr, people and events will provide them.

When will we learn, by refreshing our lives—by taking a moment to recharge, we enhance the lives of people around us? It’s not worth the “crash and burn” mentality we’ve created by feeling guilty for making time for ourselves. 

Stop feeling guilty for paying yourself in personal moments. Take time to listen to the still small voice within you that’s screaming to experience life. I’m telling you it is okay, because you deserve it. 

Did you hear me? YOU DESERVE IT! 

You will relate to your loved ones with a whole new attitude. You will start to feel your worthiness and it will penetrate you to your core and radiate out to the world. You are worthy. There is no guilt, no pain, or desertion when investing in YOU: whether it is fiscally, emotionally, or spiritually.

When was the last time you invested in yourself? It’s time to re-invest in what makes you feel glorious again.

Thanks for hanging out and reading my ramblings~ 

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