Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year's **Revised**

What if we didn’t do a New Year’s Resolution in 2014?

Yeah…I said it! (I didn’t even cover my head for the proverbial lightning bolt to strike me down either!)

New Year’s has become just as commercially important in our world as Easter or Halloween. Diet industries make millions, gyms sucker you into signing that unbreakable three year contract, and churches brace for the influx of the spiritually lost, who hope to be found.

So often we are left feeling guilty because within days of the New Year we have already failed a fallible system. We think the click of a clock or a flip of a calendar is going to give us a renewed idea stuffed into an old consciousness. Isn’t it time we admit to ourselves…the whole system is set up for epic failure.

We run about believing if we just placate God, or we click off conditions, or change our appearance we will be able to peel back the habits of yesterday in a matter of a numeral change in the ones place of another calendar year. It doesn’t work that way…it never has. It’s about time we stop setting ourselves up for the pain, self-deprecation, hate, jealousy, and guilt for not instantly changing our lives that first couple of weeks spread through January.

We will never success without first creating a consciousness of success. We must begin by changing our idea about the world if we want to see the physical manifestation of our success in it. Einstein said, “You can’t change a problem using the same brain that created it!”

How can we make room for the success of our New Year’s resolutions if we haven’t changed our minds about how we feel, see, hear, taste, and smell success? What investment have we made in our spiritual bank? What thoughts have we been depositing in our experiences? Can we really have a consciousness of successful weight loss if all we do is see ourselves as fat and talk about how much weight we have to lose to be healthy or happy? How can we see an upward motion of success in business when all we have done is bitch and moan about our co-workers and our boss? How can we truly find inner peace, when the turmoil of discontent keeps raging within our souls? 

What if we scrapped the New Year’s resolution, and instead we did a New Year’s revision or reevaluation? What if we took the next couple of weeks and decided to vacation from guilt, fear, doubt, and self-judgment? How would it feel to take a deep breath, and really felt what freedom was, the freedom from self judgment, failure, pain, guilt, fear, and limited beliefs? What if we looked back at 2013 and patted ourselves on the back for making it through another year? 

Take it a step further…look back at 2013 and find one thing we did well. Look at that and celebrate that success. How about we look and find 5 things that we did perfectly. Why not work our way to 12 things…12 things we did right last year. One great moment for each month…I know you can do it. It is time to grow our consciousness of self-empowerment and begin to feel the unconditional love flooding our hearts.

Just think, instead of taking that dramatic step of trying to alter our lives in a matter of several days, we can find the blessings we have in every moment of our lives? We can look at the things that truly mattered in our lives before 2014 and REVISE some of our old beliefs and make them a little more in tune with who we are right now.

Let’s not make January a month filled with apocalyptic moments were we decide to drastically change our lives into something doomed to fail. Let’s take this time to create a clear picture of what we want…and begin to change our consciousness about it. Let’s look for the possibilities waiting on us to discover in 2014.

Thanks for hanging around and reading my ramblings…and Happy Revised New Year!