Saturday, March 26, 2016

(long but did you expect anything less! LOL)
Don't be let down by missed opportunities or lost moments. Sometimes things or events don't happen for a reason.
When what you expect to happen, doesn't, maybe, just maybe the Universe has a better plan for you!
Expectations can be a blessing or a curse, but within the paradox of what type of expectation it is, when it doesn't occur, you have to wonder if the Universe knows better than you.
It's tough when you expect something to go a certain way, or you've played the "story" out in your head over and over again ... and it doesn't go the way you thought.
The key in disappointing moments is patience and forgiveness. PERIOD. When things don't go the way we expect, if can we step outside of the moment we're in and look at it from the outside, we will use a different mindset. In using that different mindset, we'll actually see that the outcome is for the best.
When things don't go our way, instead of reacting from the outcome, or the result, if we actually looked at the cause or gave up our idea of what we think should happen, we empower ourselves to overcome the unnecessary stress of disappointment. When we stop reacting to the results, we evoke within us the ability to see things from other perspectives.
Listen, people who love us, don't set out to hurt us. They don't intentionally say to themselves, "Hell, yeah! I'm gonna hurt Gretchen today, cuz I luv her so much." And if people are doing this, well, that's something we need to re-evaluate in our relationship with them. Maybe expectations are not crystal clear.
We get hurt because our expectations were shattered. The players in our "story" didn't fit into the protocol of the plot line. Let's just say they "missed the memo" about script changes! The trouble with this situation, (which we ALL have experienced at one time or another in our "stories"), is we didn't inform the other players that we made some changes in the script/expectations. We didn't have a script supervisor around to "feed" the people in our story the right lines to say.
Our expectations can really mess up a relationship, an event, an experience. It can make us angry, hateful, stressed and riddled with anxiety. Who wants to feel that??? Why then, oh why, do we allow these expectations to feed that side of us? We have no control over another person, to have these unrealistic expectations are only hurting ourselves.
So, this is what I say to this situation ...
Stop expecting perfection. Stop setting yourself up to be hurt. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, guess what my dear, loving friends, it's a freaking duck. If your relationships are always tumultuous and you're tired of it, stop expecting it. THAT SIMPLE, YES, IT'S THAT SIMPLE. (Sorry for shouting, but you need to see that.)
If your expectations are set that everything in your life will be hard, guess what? EVERYTHING will be a struggle. Your expectations are the whispers you feed to the Universe and since the Universe is a "YES" woman/man, ---he he he, THEN, everything you whisper with expectancy will be acted upon. PERIOD, END OF STORY.
What you put out to the world, comes right back to you. It might not come back to you through the same avenue you sent it off, but trust me, it comes back. You might not get it back right away, but eventually it comes back. See, the Universe doesn't know time, It's a timeless and omnipotent, limitless Energy. When you toss your expectations into this Energy, It acts upon it exactly according to your belief. So, today look at what you're expecting.
Decide if your expectations are feeding your soul; are they giving you a better life? Or is your expectation feeding your ego? Is it giving you an excuse to remain angry, bitter, cold and frustrated? If it doesn't serve your highest and best good, let it go... let it go, my dear sweet loves. The only way someone can hurt you, is if you give them permission to hurt you. ---Yeah, I'm really working on this one myself. Re-evaluate your expectations today; are they too high? Are your expectations so out of reach that nobody can fulfill them, not even you? If so, take them down a notch. I'm not saying don't have expectations, just give them a bigger "strike zone". Allow room for something greater or different to show up. Because, when you do that, you'll be pleasantly surprised that something even greater is waiting to happen.
LOVE you and may PEACE be with you today!