Thursday, September 29, 2011

You're More Creative Than You Think!

At what point do we stop looking outside of ourselves for validation? Why does a stranger’s opinion tend to affect us more than the people we love? What is it about the sharp and jagged words from strangers that carry so much more power than anyone else? How discouraging it must be to our loved ones, when we second guess or challenge everything they keep telling us.

I’ll be the first to admit, I know all of my close friends are really tired of giving me the “Really, Really” and the approving pets across my needy ego.

Creative as we all are, (EVERYONE is creative, even if you don’t know it yet) we negate our creativity when we allow someone else to define who and what we are. I’m not talking about the creativity of an artist, writer, or musician. The creativity I am talking about is more personal than that. I am talking about the creativity we use every moment in our lives. Choices we make, decisions we stand by, the abilities we use to see the world around us.

Peace, joy, happiness, and abundance are all creative. The movement of energy is creative; the ability to think is creative, and to act upon your thoughts is creative. So by that definition, everyone is creative and everyone is creating constantly. When we look at creativity that way, the game changes; suddenly, we need to ask ourselves, what am I creating? What thoughts am I letting into my creative mind? Am I a person who looks at the world and sees everything wrong with it or am I the person who sees an opportunity to grow, learn, and express love?

When we start looking outside of ourselves for validation we are allowing everyone else to define who we are. WE ARE GIVING OUR POWER AWAY. That isn’t okay. It isn’t okay to allow anyone, ANYONE, tell you who you are. If you don’t know who you are—stop, be silent, and allow your inner voice to speak up. You know who you are. Even if you’re lost, you have the directions. You just have to WAIT and listen, and you will be shown the map back to yourself.

The moment is ripe now, pluck from the branch of plenty, and sink your teeth into the juicy fruit of self love, creative thought, and peace. Once we begin to identify with peace, love, abundance, and joy the world becomes our orchard, waiting to be harvested.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

What Did You Expect?

Life hands you exactly what you expect—sometimes. Let me clarify, because if you read that statement you might say, Gretchen—come on, stop living in LaLaland and wake up. I’ve been asking to win a million dollars from the lottery for years now, and I keep ending up no matching numbers.

Well let’s just wake up from that dream right now; maybe even splash some water on your face. I’ll tell you why you haven’t won the lottery. You don’t expect to. Pure and simple, deep inside you’ve been condition to believe only the “lucky” win or you haven’t prepared your mind-set to accept that for yourself. Now, am I saying that if you really concentrate and chant daily affirmations about the lottery, you will win? NO.

Too often we’ve accepted our conditioned thinking as “normal”. We fall into the belief system that in order to get “xyz” we need to do or believe in “abc”. Why? What for? What words fly from your mouth or bounce around in your head? Are they words of gratitude, love, peace, joy? Because if you want to change your life; you must first change your thinking. You must come from that place within you that sees the spark of greatness even when it looks like dismal and dark days have consumed you.

“Wait for answers with a child like expectancy.” What are your expectations? Are you expecting doom and gloom? Are you waiting for the other shoe to drop? Or are you expecting to succeed? Are you thinking about all the things in your life you are grateful for? Most of the time, we will bitch, moan, and complain about all the stuff going wrong in our lives and then we stand back and wonder why our lives are in the crapper. We will say we want more abundance, peace, and love in our lives and then turn right around and poor mouth to everyone around us, talk words of judgment about other people, and fight with everyone that doesn’t believe the way we do. 

When we give up our old stories of yesterday, we will be free to experience today. Today is given to us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. What is better than that? Why drag yesterday’s baggage into today’s present? Let go of the anger of the past, the disappointment, the failures, and the hate. Today is waiting, quietly, unconditionally, and patiently for you to recognize the potential within you. You are great! No matter what you did yesterday, no matter what will happen tomorrow, today—at this exact moment—you are great. It is time you see that you are greatness waiting to experience—life.

Try it. Start expecting goodness in your life this very minute. If you find yourself falling back into that old thinking, your old patterns stop and re-adjust your expectations.  Eventually you will see, as you change your expectations, you change your life.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Book Trailer & Where to Get Wilson Mooney Online!

Here is the new book trailer released last night!

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Renewal is in Our Nature!

Did you know that every day we wake up and breathe, we are renewed? Just look at nature and you can see the best example of forgiveness and renewal. Every season we watch nature expire and every year we have faith, that it will come back as healthy and vibrant as the season prior. Never have I cried for my trees when they have lost their leaves, or looked at the bulging ground and concerned myself with the scientific nature of my tulip bulbs. Without a shadow of a doubt, I knew that in a couple of months, my trees would bear leaves again and my tulips would conspire to bloom. It is just the way nature is. Lucky enough, it is the way we are too.

How often have we sat in judgment and blocked the true forces of nature within ourselves? Too often we forget that we are a vital key in the balance of nature. That’s kinda hard to swallow, isn’t it? Most people cling to the belief that we have dominion over everything in this world. You’ve heard it before; science has proven that the human race is the most intelligent living organism on the planet. That we humans have independent thought outside of instinctual actions which prove we are intellectually superior to any other living thing. Who’s gonna argue that? Certainly not me!


With our ability to act and react to our environment and make choices based on our independent deduction, we must come to grasp—with the realization of SELF, we birth the responsibility to cultivate a healthy environment. Not just the environment that is tangible in the outside world, but our internal environment as well.

What is an internal environment? Well I believe your internal environment is your mind and your soul; it is your mental equivalence. We must begin to learn from the lessons nature shows us every day; the forgiveness of the fruit trees, the renewal of the rose bush, and the abundance of the ocean. Once we begin to understand the power of our thoughts, our words, and our actions, we will begin to truly understand how to be of this world instead of living in it.

When we learn to come from peace we will experience peace; learn to live in the world abundantly, we will have abundance; and when we express love unconditionally we will experience unconditional love. We will reach a level of true greatness—being of this world.

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12.2

Renew your belief in people. Take time to see the order nature has. Start seeing yourself as you are supposed to be. The laws of nature are clear, you plant, you water, and it grows. Start following those instructions. Start identifying all the things in your life you are grateful for, lavish your good thoughts and words on yourself and the people around you, and suddenly you will watch your life be transformed.

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