Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Standing in a Moment

Sometimes I want time to stand still. I want to live in the realization of new discoveries, relish in new ideas, and dance with all ah-ha moments that keep reminding me that I live in a fluidic universe.
Isn’t it what we all really want? To recapture the first time we felt our hearts swell with love and our minds expanding with the freedom of thought? Like the first time you read a book that changed your life or heard a song that made you sob. We all want to be moved. We want to feel our hearts beat fast again and our skin ripples with chills as we experience the exhilaration of a life changing moment.
Change is a calculated and deliberate function in our DNA. We are designed to experience change every moment of everyday. Twenty-four-seven, we are going through changes—evolving and expanding constantly. If we didn’t experience change we would shrivel up and cease to exist.
But sometimes change can be scary or painful. Things come at us at rates we aren’t ready to process. Change sweeps us off our feet and before we know it we are landing flat on our backs and looking around to find out what happened. Strange enough, when we look back at it years later, it doesn’t seem as big as we made it out to be when we were in the throes of the moment.
What if we had the consciousness to change those life altering moments into opportunities to live in the moment? Like the first time you read that book or cried at that song? What if, for just that split second before we decided this “life altering” moment was going to be terrible, we consciously decided to find the spark of greatness hidden within? That moment when time stood still and the universe opened up and showed us something bigger than ourselves and it was conspiring to give it to us. Maybe we found how to love ourselves again, and truly love other people. What if we were able to understand we have a higher purpose?
What is change, but a moment when we are required to stretch outside that box we managed to fit so comfortably into.
Change is merely an opportunity to grow and growth is the moment we realize change is inevitable.
It is time to grow. Right now is the time to stand in the bright light of discovery, expand our reach, and drink up the change that inevitably is happening.
Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings. Happy holidays to you and yours!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ho, Ho, Ho

In this time of giving, what are we really giving? 

Tis the season to be jolly—Fa, La, La, La, La…..What the hell is jolly? Okay so maybe I’ve reached a saturation point of what the definition of jolly is. Maybe I’ve given up unconsciously on the belief that jolly was reserved for a pudgy old man dressed in red with reminisce of white rabbit fur sewn to the cuffs of his sleeves and pant legs. Maybe the glare off his big black shining boots have caused me to ponder the reason for the season; cuz it sure isn’t the big red bag filled with “I wants” and “I gotta haves.”

I’ve realized that even when I pull my nose from the grindstone and look up at the big man; he isn’t standing there looking down at me with his clear beautiful eyes and his shiny red nose hugged by his cherub rosy cheeks. He isn’t offering me an icepack and bandage. No his huge hands stuffed in white cotton gloves are forcing my head, right back down against that dark gray spinning coarse wheel.

Hey don’t get me wrong, I respect a guy who can strap on a cluster of reindeer and deliver in one night! I can even root for the dude that decides to fill my dirty socks I hung on my fireplace to dry. But come on— if he can land on my roof and with the wiggle of his red bulbous nose, break into my house through the chimney, can’t he at least have the common courteously to clean my gutters while he was up there?

So often we get sucked into the commercialism of Christmas, that we don’t really have the opportunity to formulate and articulate the feelings or words that embody the emotions of this time of year. How many times have we spiraled into the abyss of grenchy-ness? When we have reached a point of such desperation, that the idea of tying antlers to our little dog’s head and strapping him to a huge sled on top of an enormous mountain seems like a good idea?

But what if we stopped? What if we decided right here and right now to release the pressures of gotta haves and I needs and replace them with I’m good and I have enough? It is time for us to look within and find that place where we ARE enough. The love we feel for each other is enough! It is time to stop measuring our worth by what we get or give and measure our worth by what we do.

We all know—actions speak louder than words, we hear people tell us that all the time; right now is our moment to embody it. It is time for us to change our limiting ideas of lack and helplessness to the infinite possibility of total abundance and complete harmony. 

Lift your nose from the grindstone, listen to the music that is waiting to be heard, and feel your heart grow three times its size. Who knows, maybe the next time the big guy in red is on your roof he might just clean your gutters.

Thanks for hanging out and reading my ramblings!