Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sit Silently and Meditate for Peace

So I’ve been really embracing the idea of taking a moment during the day and spending 10 minutes in silence. For me it’s been about taking a moment to listen and connect to that inner voice waiting to enlighten me and reveal what my purpose is. Sometimes trying to listen to my intuition is like standing in the median of the freeway, and other times it is like standing in a pitch-black room listening to the inner vibe that lulls me into becoming silent.

Sometimes I’m successful at learning what I must do in order to overcome or move from a difficult situation or problem and sometimes I can’t see the forest through the trees. Either way, I’ve got to remember that it is okay. It’s okay to close my eyes for 10 minutes and focus on my purpose or spend that time falling asleep.

It isn’t about guilt or judgment. It isn’t about giving up because my mind wonders off to what I have to do, what I need to get at the grocery store, or what bills I have to pay this week. Sometimes those come to mind because those are things I must learn to dismiss from my crowded mind in order to become still and know my source. In order to find my purpose, sometimes I have to wade through the purpose-less muck of the day.

When I first started meditating or sitting in silence, I would find myself struggling to silence my mind. I would force my eyes closed so tight, that I would see spots. Sometimes I would have to say positive affirmations out loud so I could keep the negative thoughts from flooding my mind. Sometimes the ruckus of life outside my door would be my excuse not to, “become still and know.”

But in time I’ve come to understand that when I actually find the 10 minutes to meditate or go within all I am doing is bringing my consciousness back to its natural state. Peace, Harmony, Joy, Abundance, and Love are all states of consciousness that we are innately attuned to. That is why when we are living in anything different than Love, Happiness, Peace, Freedom, Joy, and (any other state of mind that brings you to center) we manifest disease, disharmony, war, poverty, and anything else that is less than.

It was Albert Einstein, who said, “We can never solve a problem, with the same consciousness that created it.”

How profound is that? Really! We can’t become free if we keep thinking of bondage; we can’t be abundant if we keep coming from lack. We can’t have peace, if we keep instilling fear.

How powerful would the human race be if everyone took 10 minutes of their day and sat in Peace, Love, Harmony, Freedom, and Abundance? How many wars could we end? How many hungry could we feed? We could obliterate poverty from this planet if we started looking at each other as expressions of love, peace, and harmony. 

Too Pollyanna for you? Then just think about this way…how do you feel when someone lends you a hand without expecting anything in return? How do you feel when someone pays your bridge toll, buys you a cup of coffee, pays for dinner? Babysits your kids for free? Or helps you clean your house? These acts of servitude evokes within us Peace, Love, Happiness, and Gratitude right? Now apply that to everyone you meet; no matter race, religion, spiritual beliefs, political party, or sexual orientation; no matter what!

What if we decided to spend just one day of our lives in total gratitude and another in total servitude? How could war be sustained? Hunger would cease to exist and the world couldn’t stay the same state of disharmony.

Life is meant to be lived in its highest and best potential…no matter what the realization of that potential is. So at what point did we forget our capacity of being or becoming something greater?

Thank you for sticking around and reading my ramblings. 

Oh and hey, did you know that takes fewer muscles in your face to smile than to frown?

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  1. Gretchen, profound and maybe too much for my tiny mind to comprehend. If it's mostly women reading your blog, you're probably preaching to the choir. War, injustice, poverty, torture, violence, etc etc is caused by men almost always. Must try the silence in the mind thing, however. I think that would be nice for me to do. I agree with the smiling statement. I've been doing a lot more that recently. Wonder why. Now, must get a copy of your book as you've definitely piqued my interest. Peace. Martin