Monday, May 23, 2016



Well, so can our thinking! Our minds react and produce from whatever thoughts we think. If we come from fear, then our actions and reactions will manifest from fear based ideas.

Hear me out...

We have within us the power to produce exactly what we want in our lives. It's how and why we react that creates our experiences. If something devastating happens to us, it's within our scope of how we react that will manifest our experience.

Tragedy strikes so many people, and why is it that some seem to handle it better ... scratch the word better ... how about differently than others?  How come some people can find peace in the most tragic moments of their lives while others simply can't?

We are born without baggage, without fear, doubt, and conditions. We are an empty slate, waiting to be filled with all the wonders of this thing we call life.  We enter this world and are born to parents that are conditioned to living in a world or chaos, constant change, socialistic pressures, and demands put upon them that they must believe, act, and become conditioned to the world.

Without malice or hate, but out of love and compassion, most parents rear their children to fear actions of others, bend to the beliefs of others, and give into the conditional thinking that they have been brought up to believe is the truth. WE ALL DO IT. We aren't wrong for doing it, we can't live in guilt or shame for doing it, it's in our nature to protect, teach, and control those beings we've brought into this world.

But as we grow up, and we learn that we are separate entities from our parents, we begin to discover we were brought into this world already possessing everything we need. We are powerful beings, we are the only living things on this planet that actually has volition and are self-aware with a consciousness. We can actually rationalize our actions, and reactions, and we don't have to rely upon just instinct.

When we set out to discover the limitless power that resides within us, we begin to see how our actions, reactions, and inaction effect the situations in our lives. We learn that the law of Cause and Effect is real, powerful, and nobody is immune to it. The Law of Reciprocity, within our thinking is a very real and powerful thing. What we put out into the world, the thoughts we think, the actions we take, will produce a result. It's a 100% non-negotiable law of nature.  

Think about it ... how many times have we feared something was going to happen and boom, it happened? Sure, we can say, "well, I've had that happen before, so I knew it was going to happen again." But see, there is the challenge. Why did it happen in the first place?

Let's look at precedents... Yes, precedents, something that sets the bar of what to expect the next time... We are taught to believe that if a precedent is set, that is all that we can expect to happen. We reach for that bar and when we get there we believe that's the best we can achieve because nobody has gone beyond that... until someone does.

It was believed nobody was faster than the 4 minute mile until someone broke the record. It was believed that we couldn't break the sound barrier ... until someone did it. And it was believed that a human being couldn't survive jumping out into the stratosphere in just a spacesuit and float back down to earth ... until someone did it.

We are all conditioned to believe we are limited in our actions, that we can't stand on the edge of what was done before and leap into what can be done now. We are conditioned by fear, by lack of belief, and by the conditional thinking of the world.

When we react or act from a fear based belief, we are giving into the idea that we aren't worthy enough, that we aren't good enough, that we don't deserve the best that life has to give us.

Truth is ... you deserve the best of everything! You deserve happiness, you are worthy of love and compassion, you have a right to live the best life you know how to live. It is within your power to challenge that which has been done before and work to reach beyond it. If everyone lived within the belief and fear of the world, imagine the world we would be living in.

I'd be pissed if some dude was still dragging my a$$ around by my hair. We wouldn't be communicating with people from around the world today, and we would be stuck in the conditional thinking that innovation didn't exist.

It's easy to say, don't let fear rule your life, don't let the feelings of inadequacy plague your thoughts, and don't let the words or actions of others steal your voice, but it's another thing to act upon it.

So, what I'm saying is, take baby steps. Take one moment at a time and ask yourself, do I really need to fear this? Are the sharp, painful words of that person really the truth of who I am? Why am I allowing the conditional thinking of those around me, define my experience?

Because the truth is, you are the most important person in your life. Without you, you wouldn't be here... your life wouldn't exist, and that wouldn't be acceptable. So take the time and learn to love yourself, honor who you are, respect yourself, and change your self-talk, your limited thinking, and your unworthy thoughts. You are the miracle of life. You are the prize the universe gave to the world. Take a moment today to discover the limitless potential you have within you, waiting on your discovery of it. You'd be surprised what you are capable of, when you give yourself a chance to believe in your inner strength and limitless power.

May PEACE and LOVE be yours today!


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