Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Personal Empire of One

Oldie but a goodie! Enjoy, I hope something sparks that creative power within you! 

I learned a pretty valuable lesson in the last couple of weeks. When you see the world changing and crumbling around you…you have two options…you can crumble right along with it or you can rise above the rubble and find a different way to live your life.

It is said that only through falling apart can we truly rebuild an empire. Brick by brick, stone by stone we have built the walls of discontent, anger, frustration, and hate, and in building those walls we have never once really examined each stone or brick for what it truly was…an opportunity.
Could it have been that each earthen brick and smooth stone that we laboriously piled and mortared into place with such diligence was an opportunity to see a different side of a situation? Sometimes we are so tightly wound in being resentful that when we start picking those perfectly molded bricks we don’t see that there are six sides to them. That’s six different opportunities to see a new way to build our empire!

What if we turned over, examined, and made the best 
decision on how to place these bricks in our wall? Could we have quite possibly discovered that the bricks we are using weren’t meant to be the pillars of hate and fear but the cornerstones and foundations of love, peace, and harmony in our lives? How long must we stand there and contemplate where we are going to cement these limited beliefs into our walls that surround us in our empire of one? 

Change your mind! Look at the other side of the brick and make an educated decision on which belief you are going to use. You are the builder of your future. You are the only constant in your life…What you see is what you get…so what are you seeing? What are you giving the world? Someone petrified with fear, or someone who is immersed in love? Are you learning how to build a wall strong with peace, love and joy surrounding you? Because when you come from peace, love, harmony, and joy, the fear will dissolve, the hate and anger will not exist, and you will begin to see there was really nothing to fear to begin with.

Thanks for hanging out and reading my ramblings!