Friday, November 28, 2014

Take the Beam From Your Eye First

How many bones must a dog bury before it has enough? How many songs must we listen to in order to understand suffering? How many tears must fall before we forgive?

When we look at life as if it is disposable, replaceable, or a rehearsal we short change ourselves the opportunity to live up to our true potential. When we are flung upon the sharp tongues of others, why are we disenchanted by the mouths that scar us? A life can be given in 15 seconds and destroyed in 3. A career that took a lifetime to build can crumble in a blink of an eye. Are we truly that blind? Isn’t it in this moment that we should remove the beam from our own eye before we can pluck the speck from our neighbor’s?

If our eyes were really the true window to the soul why are we so blind to the hypocrisy in the world? We see what we want to and ignore that which makes us uncomfortable. We are taught to attack the flaws of others, because compassion would make us look weak. And yet, even as we speak love from one side of our mouths, we whisper words of hate through the other. We exploit the misfortunes of others and become empowered by the spineless that stand behind us. We are fed by jealously and bound by insecurity.

We claim we are passive and yet we aggressively push for people’s sympathy. Are we truly the ones who need sympathy? Or could our misfortunes and successes be measured by the choices we make? Anyone can ask for sympathy, live in fear, and be ruled by judgment, but it takes strength, courage, and higher thinking to rise above the static that fills the empty space. 

We are constantly praised and coddled by the masses for embracing the fractured bones that weaken us. Have we fallen so deep that we grapple and cling to the bones of trail-blazers that came before us? At what cost will our egos be rewarded? At what point will the pain be enough to keep us motivated? When will the dried, splintered remains of teachers before us become the legacies of what was instead of what could be?

We will always be imprisoned by thoughts of yesterday if we don’t replace them with thoughts of what we want for tomorrow. Right now we are the most powerful thing in our lives. From the moment we open our eyes to the moment our heads sink into our pillows every word we utter, every thought we think and every action we take sets up the cause and effect of our lives. We can choose to flick the domino of life and embrace the outcome or we can stand on the sidelines afraid of what will happen. The choice has always been ours. 

Our life is meant to be lived, active, expanding, and fluidic. We are meant to shine, be brilliant, and yes, even falter sometimes. We are wired to live life the best way we can. Why would we long for Peace if we weren’t meant to have it? Why do we ache for love if we were never destined to experience it? Why would we be given freedom of choice if we were never fated to use it? We are created to experience the best life we know how to live, and in doing so we sometimes lose our way. We become caught up in the lives of others, we become defined by who we allow others to label us as. We give our power to those outside of our inner dwelling. Just because we are who we are today, doesn’t mean we can’t be who we decide we want to be tomorrow. 

Every second of everyday we are changing, growing, and expanding our life experiences. When we allow others to pipe in, we are giving our power away. We know who we are and what we need to do. When did we lose our way? When did the words of strangers or others become who or what we are? Perhaps it happened when we were down, scared, ruled by fear, maybe it occurred when we got lost in the world. Maybe we allowed others to run with our power when we stopped listening to our intuition. Either way, today is the day we take baby steps to reclaiming our power! Right now, at this moment, we will reclaim our inner spark that has always burned brightly in the core of our being. 

What once was will never empower what will be. We can’t take what we want and bottle it in the old used containers of yesterday. We must take a new, clear, beautiful bottle of today and fill it with what we want for tomorrow. 

I will not fill you with falsehood and tell you it is easy. It is not! But what I will say is this … when you decide to love instead of hate, celebrate instead of denigrate, embrace instead of push away, embody peace instead of dysfunction, pleasure instead of pain, you will begin to feel your world change, and then you will see it transform. You will stop embodying what is so wrong with the world and start personifying what is so right. You will give up the judgments, the pain and anger and you will begin to embrace the beauty around you, feel the pleasure life will bring you and start to love the world for what it is, because you and everyone around you deserve to live in LOVE, PEACE, HARMONY, ABUNDANCE, and JOY.

Start today by making a conscious choice to think better thoughts. That’s all it takes is a conscious act of changing your thinking. May today be the start of you following your bliss, taking the bull by the horns, and making the world a better place because you are in it!

Thanks for hanging out and reading my ramblings!

Yosemite Trip taken by Jared de la O 2012. Power At Its Purest!


Sunday, November 9, 2014

What is YOUR Truth?

What is YOUR Truth?

When we push past our fear we see Truth. Truth is the root of what you are. Just as LOVE is our fuel, our essence in which we exist, so is Truth. Do you know your Truth? Have you ever felt what your Truth feels like? How will you know your “Truth” when it shows up? Well, let me tell you, if you’ve ever smiled so wide you face hurts, or laughed so hard your belly muscles burned and you couldn’t catch your breath? Have you ever loved someone or something so much you ached when they were gone? Have you ever wanted to exist in a single moment for the rest of your life, or looked at something and marveled at its perfection? If you can say yes to my questions or have embodied any of these emotions, then you, my lovie, have experienced your Truth!

Truth is the perfection that dwells within you. Your Truth is that intuition that never steers you wrong. Your Truth exists within you and is always available to you 24/7. You are a Mighty Moving Force in this world. --->Yeah, I said it, and I will say it again, YOU ARE GREATNESS just waiting for a place to show up! So, isn’t it time to show up? Isn’t it time we gave Greatness a shot?

When you come from that place within you that is born and created through Truth, you can’t help but experience the amazing life you were born to have. Even in the darkest of places, when light is introduced, the darkness simply vanishes. It doesn’t argue, dark doesn’t fight with the light, it simply fades away. Isn’t it time to align your self-belief in Truth, Love, Peace, Harmony, and Abundance? Isn’t it time to let go of the dark and embrace the light? There is a place within you that knows your Truth and when you learn to find it and embrace it nothing will stop the Universe from giving you exactly what you ask for! Stop reaching outside of yourself for acceptance, for your Truth, and Love, know that it resides within the wellspring of your heart, soul and mind. Go out and celebrate your Truth!!

Thanks for hanging out and reading my ramblings! 



Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Personal Empire of One

Oldie but a goodie! Enjoy, I hope something sparks that creative power within you! 

I learned a pretty valuable lesson in the last couple of weeks. When you see the world changing and crumbling around you…you have two options…you can crumble right along with it or you can rise above the rubble and find a different way to live your life.

It is said that only through falling apart can we truly rebuild an empire. Brick by brick, stone by stone we have built the walls of discontent, anger, frustration, and hate, and in building those walls we have never once really examined each stone or brick for what it truly was…an opportunity.
Could it have been that each earthen brick and smooth stone that we laboriously piled and mortared into place with such diligence was an opportunity to see a different side of a situation? Sometimes we are so tightly wound in being resentful that when we start picking those perfectly molded bricks we don’t see that there are six sides to them. That’s six different opportunities to see a new way to build our empire!

What if we turned over, examined, and made the best 
decision on how to place these bricks in our wall? Could we have quite possibly discovered that the bricks we are using weren’t meant to be the pillars of hate and fear but the cornerstones and foundations of love, peace, and harmony in our lives? How long must we stand there and contemplate where we are going to cement these limited beliefs into our walls that surround us in our empire of one? 

Change your mind! Look at the other side of the brick and make an educated decision on which belief you are going to use. You are the builder of your future. You are the only constant in your life…What you see is what you get…so what are you seeing? What are you giving the world? Someone petrified with fear, or someone who is immersed in love? Are you learning how to build a wall strong with peace, love and joy surrounding you? Because when you come from peace, love, harmony, and joy, the fear will dissolve, the hate and anger will not exist, and you will begin to see there was really nothing to fear to begin with.

Thanks for hanging out and reading my ramblings!


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Unfortunate Thoughts of Writers

Everyone has been let down by circumstances. We’ve all paid for the moment that turns into nothing more than a memory hanging on the hooks of hollow smiles and bloated opportunities. Thrown into the ring, heart bleeding, ripped from our cavernous chest, expected to fight for a strong finish only to be splayed on the canvass face down. Knocked out by self deprecation and fueled by the maddening ideas that everything is somehow built perfectly somewhere just outside our reach. Displayed just far enough away to make us ache and dream for the day we too will feel the eyes of acceptance, the warm touch of approval and credence ribboned throughout the words of our heroes.

Instead, we find ourselves tangled in the thick ropes of our own fears. Judged by fleeting utterances, that relentlessly keep feeding our doubts. Tied up and tortured by the few envious words infused with jealousy and fear from others. When did we stop caring? When did the fascination with people’s follies or their belligerent tirades become more important or meaningful than an offered hand or a string of encouraging words?

Bloodied and weakened by the constant pummeling of who we are expected to be and how we are supposed to act, time won’t stop marching across our battered bones and ripped skin until every last word of our lives shows up on the parchment of our soul. Only then will the fighter within us rage against the constant malevolence of few and change the heart beat of the discontented. Then we can rise to the occasion and script our pen to paper and pour the blood of our soul across the pages in a purge so magnificent, the world will have to wake up and listen.

It is time to reach for the bones of our predecessors and sculpt the stepping stones of greatness within the rooms of our own minds. It’s time to close the doors riddled and shaped with contempt and criticism and open the door infused with intuition and honor. We must rise above the fray of pugnacious hostility, fear, guilt, and jealousy, purge them from our veins, drain them from our hearts, and uproot them from our minds.

True Power occurs when recognized and harnessed for a purpose. When searching outside the walls of our own souls, we may stumble; even misplace the only key that unlocks the secrets to embodying our permanent balance. But never will we lose the ability to look beyond the limited idea of who we think we are, and be reminded that what we are searching for, we are searching with. We are the key to our own happiness; we are the key to our own success. We are the only keeper of thoughts that reside in our own minds. It is what we do with those thoughts and ideas that shape our experience and in turn shape the world around us that counts. Make your decisions count, without being smug. Let your voice be heard, without shouting. And let your love be felt, without limits. And always be grateful for the journey!

Thanks for hanging out and reading my ramblings!  

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year's **Revised**

What if we didn’t do a New Year’s Resolution in 2014?

Yeah…I said it! (I didn’t even cover my head for the proverbial lightning bolt to strike me down either!)

New Year’s has become just as commercially important in our world as Easter or Halloween. Diet industries make millions, gyms sucker you into signing that unbreakable three year contract, and churches brace for the influx of the spiritually lost, who hope to be found.

So often we are left feeling guilty because within days of the New Year we have already failed a fallible system. We think the click of a clock or a flip of a calendar is going to give us a renewed idea stuffed into an old consciousness. Isn’t it time we admit to ourselves…the whole system is set up for epic failure.

We run about believing if we just placate God, or we click off conditions, or change our appearance we will be able to peel back the habits of yesterday in a matter of a numeral change in the ones place of another calendar year. It doesn’t work that way…it never has. It’s about time we stop setting ourselves up for the pain, self-deprecation, hate, jealousy, and guilt for not instantly changing our lives that first couple of weeks spread through January.

We will never success without first creating a consciousness of success. We must begin by changing our idea about the world if we want to see the physical manifestation of our success in it. Einstein said, “You can’t change a problem using the same brain that created it!”

How can we make room for the success of our New Year’s resolutions if we haven’t changed our minds about how we feel, see, hear, taste, and smell success? What investment have we made in our spiritual bank? What thoughts have we been depositing in our experiences? Can we really have a consciousness of successful weight loss if all we do is see ourselves as fat and talk about how much weight we have to lose to be healthy or happy? How can we see an upward motion of success in business when all we have done is bitch and moan about our co-workers and our boss? How can we truly find inner peace, when the turmoil of discontent keeps raging within our souls? 

What if we scrapped the New Year’s resolution, and instead we did a New Year’s revision or reevaluation? What if we took the next couple of weeks and decided to vacation from guilt, fear, doubt, and self-judgment? How would it feel to take a deep breath, and really felt what freedom was, the freedom from self judgment, failure, pain, guilt, fear, and limited beliefs? What if we looked back at 2013 and patted ourselves on the back for making it through another year? 

Take it a step further…look back at 2013 and find one thing we did well. Look at that and celebrate that success. How about we look and find 5 things that we did perfectly. Why not work our way to 12 things…12 things we did right last year. One great moment for each month…I know you can do it. It is time to grow our consciousness of self-empowerment and begin to feel the unconditional love flooding our hearts.

Just think, instead of taking that dramatic step of trying to alter our lives in a matter of several days, we can find the blessings we have in every moment of our lives? We can look at the things that truly mattered in our lives before 2014 and REVISE some of our old beliefs and make them a little more in tune with who we are right now.

Let’s not make January a month filled with apocalyptic moments were we decide to drastically change our lives into something doomed to fail. Let’s take this time to create a clear picture of what we want…and begin to change our consciousness about it. Let’s look for the possibilities waiting on us to discover in 2014.

Thanks for hanging around and reading my ramblings…and Happy Revised New Year!