Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bah- Humbug

As you hustle and run around trying to make the holidays perfect for everyone around you, make sure you take time for yourself. It’s so easy to get caught up in the thought that we will disappoint someone if we don’t get them exactly what they want. Come hell or high water, I need that giggling Elmo for my niece. What we forget is material objects can’t replace you.

What people really want is to be talked to, remembered, and thought of. It isn’t the present that makes the impression; it’s the thought behind it that makes the mark.

I remember one Christmas my brother gave me a paper towel dispenser. It must not have cost more than ten bucks. But I will tell you, it was one of the best presents I got that year. He had taken notice that I didn’t have one for my kitchen. It wasn’t the paper towel holder that choked me up that year, it was the fact that he took the time and thought about me.

This time of year, we take moments that are fleeting and cling to them hoping love will fill our hearts and joy will be the excuse for warm songs around the fire. We want that connection that keeps us compassionate.

Truth is some of us dread this time of year. The demand to be something we may not be. This is the time we should stop and look at what it is that we value. Take a moment to breathe and step out of the hustle and cattle mentality of commercialism. Slip into a warm bath, visit with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Take that walk in the rain with your children. Cuddle on the couch with your love and watch that movie you’ve been putting off. Slow your roll and see the vivid colors around you.

Don’t worry about tomorrow, it hasn’t come yet and yesterday is spent moments we can’t carry with us. Right now is a present given to us every second of the day!

Thanks for hanging out and reading my ramblings!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What's In It For Me?

When is the word tolerance going to be replaced by True Acceptance and Unconditional Love? We go around saying we are tolerant. But are we truly? Are we willing to let go of our preconditioned thinking, limited freedoms, and dogmatic beliefs that feed our humanity?

We are so busy trying to get, trying to make sure nobody takes from us, trying to blame everyone around us, that we have lost sight of the line that anchors us to one another.

We’ve become so caught up in getting our own thoughts and ideals across that we haven’t taken the time to sit quietly and listened to what the world is asking for. We hustle and busy ourselves with thoughtless, brainless quests that we have soaked and marinated in for so long that we have adopted the, “what’s in it for me?” mentality. 

What if for one hour, we didn’t think “what’s in it for me?” but we thought about “what can I do to give back?” What if we started a movement, a shift in thinking, a global interrupt centered in the mentality of…“What can I do to change the world around me?”

Let’s face it…this is our world, and what we choose to put out into it, is exactly what we will be getting back.

So how often are we feeding our souls with life affirming thoughts? When will the false beliefs that keep starving our spirituality, humanity, and beauty become the empty skeletons we sweep out from deep within our closets.

It’s so easy to jump on someone’s train of thought, or limited thinking because we are too fearful to lose the connection or status we feel we have with them. Unfortunately, we’ve become a species that’s weighted our value on being accepted by others. But are we really feeling accepted, or are we glad we aren’t the one that’s being thrown under the bus?

How are we feeding our souls? How are we seeing the world? What thoughts are crossing our minds when we see something that seems less than we think is acceptable or perfect? 

I’ve learned that if I want to change the world, I must first change my view of it. My perception of my life has got to change if I want to change my experience in it.

It all stems from the word WORTHY…often, we don’t feel worthy of what the Universe wants to give to us. We fear the compliments because we have been conditioned to appear meek and humbled. The problem with playing meek is that we will end up going around the world falling victim to circumstances. We will begin to believe we have no control over how we react to situations we are faced with. We need to understand that we can’t control all situations that may happen to us…BUT what we can control is how we react to them.

Yeah, it sucks when shitty things happens, trust me, I know. But if we learn to deal with it, experience it, and move from it a little wiser, we will learn that we don’t have to live in it. We don’t have to let that crappy experience define who we are.

It is time we start to believe that we are worthy of every wonderful thing in this world and that we are more powerful than any condition or event can define. We have the power to react to every situation in our lives, which in turn, creates the world around us.

Remember…“It is done unto you as you believe.”

So, believe you are wonderful…because you are!

Have a great day and thanks for hanging out and reading my ramblings!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

What Are We Expecting?

We all have dreams, aspirations, and beliefs that dive deep into the core of our souls. Everyone has needs and desires and yet we hold back from happiness, comfort and deep self worth. Why do we do that? Why do we play down our accomplishments and strengths in fear of judgment and rejection?

We’ve been trained by society to react from fear and lack instead of Unconditional Love and Unlimited Abundance. We’ve allowed our thinking to become tainted with the false belief of there’s not enough. We’ve become suspicious of the generosity of others as well as the Universe. In our copious attempts to become calloused to the riches of nature, we keep turning our backs on the true gifts we have every day of our lives. The mere fact that we’ve opened our eyes and taken another beautifully deep breath today makes us one of the richest living things on this planet! Let’s not cast our eyes down at the simplicity of such a complex accomplishment.

Subconsciously our bodies know what to do and how to do it to keep us alive. We don’t have to interfere, beg, plead, or meddle into its way of functioning. We don’t have to be conscious of what it does to keep us to experiencing life. It just does it. All we have to do is live.

The same thing goes for our consciousness. Same rules apply to living life. We get so caught up in trying to make things happen or stopping things from happening that we miss the best gift of all. The Universe, the power that keeps us breathing, blinking, and swallowing is the same power that gave us the volition at birth to make our lives what we want. All we have to do is wake up to our ability to use it.

Don’t get me wrong…or misunderstand me. We always use this power within us, whether we are conscious of it or not. When we state or affirm anything with conviction, we are using this Power. The Law of Cause and Effect doesn’t have a shut off valve or a sense of humor. We are using it constantly. So shouldn't we be aware of it, and use it constructively in our lives right now?

We must begin by changing the idea we have about our lives. If we tend to be people who see the cup half empty, we must make a conscious choice to see that cup half full! If we are always expecting the worst; we must start today by taking the small steps into higher expectation, and expect something better. It won’t happen overnight, but little by little our lives will begin to change.

It is nature’s way to supply plenty. Nature always gives without constraint to whatever/whomever is expecting more. Just look at the trees in spring. New branches grow, giving more space for more leaves then the year prior. Additional branches also mean space for added flowers to blossom with the potential of more fruit then the season prior.

More positive and productive thought creates space for more goodness in our lives. The additional goodness in our lives multiplies and produces even more Love, Harmony, Peace, and Prosperity in our lives. Multiplicity is and will always be the Universe’s nature.

Thoughts are things, but more importantly, thoughts are the things producing our lives every moment of every single day!

So, the question we must ask ourselves…What are we thinking into our lives?

Thanks for hanging out and reading my ramblings!

Friday, November 2, 2012

An Oldie, But a Goodie!

Things always happen for a reason. ALWAYS...I was going to write a new post when I decided to look through some old postings and found this one. I believe I was led me to this post for a reason. She must know I need her. Here is an Original post from November 2010. And strange enough, just this morning my son asked me for a picture of his grandma, because he has a project due in his Spanish class for "Day of The Dead."

Okay so it's been a little longer than usual since I've posted. Really sorry about that~ been working and just dog tired when I've sat down to write. Things have been taking over my time. You know-- family, house, work, friends, and commitments, they all seem to need a piece of me. Sometimes I feel like Playdough. I'm being stretched, pulled, tugged and twisted into shapes everyone else needs me to be.

Survival gives us the ability to transform into what we need to be at any given moment, but it is our humanity that keeps us doing it.

I don't usually talk about my family on this blog; it has been one of my rules. Less details about my personal life, the better, however; tonight as changed the sheets on our bed (because let's face it, either we are in the shower or we're changing the sheets when we have an "Ah-Ha" moment) I spread out the huge blanket my mother-in-law gave us, and I started thinking about her.

She was a quiet, gentle, nurturing soul, who was abundantly funny and overflowing with love. She was never meddlesome or angry. As I let my mind churn the thoughts of her, I realized how much I missed her. See she transcended this world over six years ago and ever since, there has been a vacancy in my life.

She was sick and went to the hospital early one morning, and passed away that evening. When we arrived at the hospital, she was already in a coma. I never got to tell her I loved her, or thank you. I never got to say goodbye. A day— 12 hours and my life changed.

Did I take her for granted? Absolutely, I never, in my wildest dreams thought about the possibility that in one day I would lose someone that made such a quiet impact on my life. It was only years later did I understand what a huge difference she made in my life and what she taught me. Through her actions I learned what type of mother-in-law I want to be to my sons' wives. Through her words I understood where my husband gets his wit and through her compassion I recognized the sacrifices she made to keep her family safe. She taught me things, even when she didn't know it.

I'm not telling you about her to get some pity points, or cyber-pats on the back. I tell you this story because sometimes we don't realize how fast the world can change when we aren't paying attention. The lessons we lose when we don't take advantage of the time people are with us or we lose the life altering experiences because we are too busy being angry, jealous or spiteful.

We never know when life is going to throw us a curve ball. We never know what is going to happen. So what if we chose to swing instead of backing away? What if we decided to let go of that angst or hate and forgive and forget. We all have people we hold at the top of our "it's your fault list". What if we decided to start erasing one name at a time? Would we see a difference in our experiences? What if we gave up our story and decided it was time to write a new one?

I guess what this post today is morphing into is, take advantage of the positive around you. Live the experiences around you, good, bad or indifferent. Because there will come a day when your life will change, it's inevitable, and it would really suck if the last thoughts you had were— I wish I would have…

Take on the day, smile at a stranger and give back to the community around you, and you will see how different your life can be.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Intelligence Manifests Itself by Responsiveness

“Intelligence manifests itself by responsiveness…” (Thomas Troward. 1904) Hmmm, I read this statement, pondered it for a moment, and then read it again, before I came to the realization of how powerful those 5 words are.

All we have to do is look at the progression of Science or Technology and we can see where intelligence has manifested itself by its own responsiveness. For example, electricity has always existed. From the first thought when the planets were forming our solar system and the ether of space was expanding exponentially, electricity existed. Once the human race realized what electricity was and how to use it, by the laws of electricity, it responded to our use of it and how we harnessed it…now not only do we use it to light our homes, but to heat them, cook for our families, and power our gadgets too.

We have countless examples of people who have discovered how to make the intangible…tangible. People who have been the vehicles of invention which have enhanced or changed the way we live tremendously. From Thomas Edison to Steve Jobs, we have people who have been pushing past the idea that precedence is the end all, be all. Let’s understand that if it didn’t work one way, it doesn’t mean we should give up and never try again. Just because it didn’t work for one person, doesn’t mean it won’t work for another. It is our consciousness, our ability to think beyond the limited idea of what has already been created. What does the future hold for the human race when the new thinkers of today do not accept the limited ceiling we have so easily accepted as our defining experience?

We must understand that nothing ever happens by chance or accident. Everything that occurs, in our lives, occurs because we have somehow or other, allowed it happen, or gave it power or permission to show up in our lives. Now before you get bent out of shape, let’s take a look at ways that can happen.

Order is the first cause of the Universe. If we didn’t have order, the planets couldn’t orbit the Sun, they would be bouncing into one another. If we didn’t have order…we wouldn’t have the capability of walking, talking, thinking, driving….you get the idea right? There is order to everything, even when things appear to have no order…they are orderly in their disorder. Even shitty cancer has some form of order. Within the disease, it multiplies and functions in its order. That’s why scientists can study it, understand it, and discover ways to cure it and eventually they will be able to eradicate it. So if something as horrific as cancer has order, then Harmony, Peace, Prosperity, and Love must have order.

We know this. It is so easy to think about and talk about, but somehow when we go to apply it to our lives we get lost between the thought and the action. 

But you need to know…you can do it. You don’t have to accept the limited idea that you have to be miserable or meek to live a noble or spiritual life. It is time someone told you that you are worthy of every moment of wonderfulness that is waiting for you. All you gotta do is accept it!

You are the most amazing thing in this world. Did you hear me? YOU ARE AMAZING! Think about it, every day you wake up, every day you breathe, walk, talk, and blink you are proving a miracle. You are the most miraculous thing in this world. But it doesn’t even stop there, because we actually have something even more miraculous than the physical functions of our bodies, we have thought! We are able to think and reason, we have volition and choice. We have the ability to change our minds, and with that, we have the ability to change our lives.

It is when we choose to live consciously, that we can manifest or “bring forth into our lives” experiences we want. Here, let me explain. Have you ever met someone who never gets pissed off at things? “I fell into the toilet in the middle of the night again, because you didn’t put the seat down!” or “Come on A-HOLE, I gotta get to work and you’re driving like my granny!” We all tend to experience something that we react to negatively, it happens. But then you meet someone who isn’t affected by the same things…and you’re totally blown away at their calmness. 

How can some people be so lucky while the rest of us must suffer? It is nothing more than how they choose to think and relate to their experiences.

Remember, you have volition, you have choice. That’s what so amazing about being who you are; you can choose how you are going to live. If you want to be angry, pissed off, sick, poor, or weak you have the choice to be that way. But if you want to be happy, peaceful, healthy, prosperous, and strong, you must make the choice. It is always in the words you use, the thoughts you think, and the actions you take that define your life. 

Someone upsets you…it is how you react to them that keeps the feelings there. You’re not happy at your job, well, it’s your job. What choice do you have? You can either find the small moments that make it amazing or you can keep focusing on the lack of pay you are getting.
Now try this…humor me…spend the next month, finding all the great things in your life. Even the smallest of wonderfuls will begin to change your view of the world. Every day, think about all the things that went right, give thanks for those moments.

Then you need to be conscious of the words coming out of your mouth. Take notice of the words that follow the powerful statement, “I AM.” If you are saying I am and putting anything limiting and negative behind it, stop and change the words...Stop and change your words and thoughts.

You see wealthy people, praise them, celebrate them, you see happy people smile at them, rejoice in their happiness. There is nothing more worthless than to waste your energy on jealousy. And in the same breath, it’s worthless to fill your heart with guilt. Don’t beat yourself up for not being perfect or slipping into the negative thoughts. Because guess what? Nobody is perfect, we are human and above all else, at least you caught yourself; so let go of the guilt. 

Eventually you’ll begin to recognize when you aren’t coming from that authentic place within you and you’ll automatically correct your thinking. Because when you see the Peace, Joy, Harmony, and Love around you—you will invite it to stay in your life. And when you invite Peace, Joy, Harmony, and Love into your life, you can’t help but experience more and more of it. Then, you will start living beyond any precedence that was set in your life. You will be living the intelligent life you were always meant to live and it will respond to your actions appropriately!

Thanks for hanging out and reading my ramblings~