Thursday, June 23, 2011

Was That The Jones'?

What do we consider the real world? Is it the shows we watch, the dramas we see around us, or the arguments we are determined to win? Maybe we consider the real world to be the big house, the new cars, and the 2.3 kids (how you do that; I have no idea). 

Most of us struggle towards the Jones’ and end up like the Sanfords… no wealthier and a lot more crap piling up around us.

So often we walk through life asleep. How many of us have driven somewhere and when we got there, we didn’t remember driving? Oh come on, we’ve all done it. How many times have we taken the same route to work, peed in the same stall, and eaten the same foods week after week? We are creatures of habit, and too often we’ve become slaves to mediocrity.

When did we become content with settling? Was it the day our parents told us (with good intentions) to have something to fall back on if our dreams didn’t work out? Was it the moment we got married or had kids? When did our authenticity become “that” desire we had to let burn out and fade away?

Well let me just say, right off the bat, it isn’t gone. The good news is, our authenticity is with us forever; we can never be without it. No matter where we think we buried it or what appears to be going on in our life; in our core, we will always have an authenticity about us. It is what we do with it that makes our experiences enjoyable or painful. Just as sure as when we turn on the faucet, water will come out; or flick on a light switch, the lights will come on, so should our expectations be with our greatness.

Let’s face it; we’ve all become jaded in our faith about ourselves. We’ve let other people define who we are; we placated others for their short comings, and virtually dismissed our own successes. That isn’t living an authentic life; matter of fact, that isn’t living at all.

I know it could sound like I am talking about being self centered. ACTUALLY, I AM! But, my self-centeredness has nothing to do with the negative connotation we attach with such words. When I mention the words Self Centered, I come from a place where we could live without want, lack, or confusion. When we decide to originate from our authentic self, we find our desires shift from wanting to get, to unconditionally giving; from the belief in never enough, to plenty to go around; we shift from a life of disharmony, to total and complete peace.

Imagine your family living in total peace, now your neighbors, then your community, next your state, subsequently your country, and finally your world. It is possible; all it takes is one small change within you.

One pebble thrown in the water will create ripples that continue until they reach their destination. Be that pebble, create ripples in your life and don’t stop until you have reclaimed the wonderfulness within you. Your authenticity is waiting to be rediscovered. 

It is time to unbury it, dust it off, and proudly display it for everyone to see.

Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate you taking the time to read my ramblings.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What the Flock?

There was a statement that caused me to pause this week; one that I heard before, but it hadn’t resonated with me until I heard it again this week. It is a perfect metaphor for all those thoughts that flutter around in your head trying to take over your time and attention. It is a line strung together with the perfect intention to keep your eye on the big picture. Okay, you wanna know what it is? Here you go…

“It isn’t the birds that fly over head you need to worry about; it’s the ones that decide to make a nest in your hair…”

We spend so much time worrying about the fleeting thoughts of crap that come and go through our minds we miss the ones that tend to stick to our souls. We worry and sweat so much over the insignificant banter that clouds our perceptions, that when the biggies come a-bangin’ we don’t really know how to shoo them away.
Don’t fret the lost idea on the words I’ve typed here, because for one, they are just that…words.  But let’s look at the metaphor and apply it to our lives in a way that makes sense.  How many of us waste time on worrying and fretting over what other people think of us? When was the last time we looked at our messy house and laughed?  We break a nail, stub a toe, or get a speeding ticket, and our worlds crumble. These are the birds that fly over head. These are the thoughts that cloud our minds and tend to take over our lives. Why do we let these events rule our world? 

So what excuse do we give when we look in the mirror and see anything less than perfection? Where is our mindset when we poor mouth about money? Hate our neighbors? Bitch about our in-laws? Complain about our health? Is it these thoughts that we want to project out to the world?  Do we want to be defined by those birds nesting in our hair? I don’t think so.  These are the ideas and thoughts that we must remove and work at keeping them flapping their way to the nothingness from which they came. We are so much more than the limited ideas we have allowed to perch in our consciousness. 

You must be told, you must believe, and you must know with every atom of your being… you are nothing less than perfect. You are a mighty force in this world and the sooner you come realize this, the sooner your life will change. Today is the day to stop giving your power away to things that are nothing more than time suckers and energy zappers. It is your moment now to start living the most positive, unconditional, peaceful, joy-filled, and prosperous life you can; because everyone deserves to live beyond the self imposed ideas of inadequacy.

You are too important, the most beautiful, and completely deserving of a positive life.  So either you watch the birds migrate south, or shave your head.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Is That a Book in Your Pocket?

Finally, I am seeing the forest through the trees.  It is totally amazing when you decide to let go of all the preconceived ideas of how things are supposed to go and just let things happen the way they should.  Of course I am talking about my novel (Wilson Mooney, Almost Eighteen) and how close I am to having it available worldwide!  Okay, well maybe not worldwide, but America wide with some countries around the globe.  One day soon enough, Wilson Mooney, Almost Eighteen will be out in the blogosphere for people to buy and read and review and decide if the story I wrote was any good.

Talk about streakin’ butt-naked for everyone to see.  Every strength and weakness, every heart-filled word and sensual moments shared with friends, fellow writers, and strangers.  Words shared between the pages I wrote and the emotions of my readers.  How intimate is that?

Some people will fall in love with my story, while others will hate it with a passion; either way I have to be okay with who I am, my ability to reach people with my words, and the capacity to evoke different emotions within the people who read it.  Just as delicate skin that burns from the heat of the sun and stings from the blistering cold, I will have to endure the sharp words of critics and be healed by the caressing words of my supporters.

I have the most wonderful, unconditional, and giving people who support me, and without them my work would be pinned in a file of my computer; never presented to the world to be consumed.  They have cheered me on, pushed my limits, and evoked in me the gumption to continue when the self talking bull-pucky would creep into my mind and suck every last bit of personal assurance from my faith.  They have been the driving force to continue.  But whatever way anybody decided to look at it; it had to be my personal choice to self-publish and put my work out to the world and I’m beyond ecstatic about it.

Think about it, there has never been a time in our past existence, where we as consumers, could click the keys of our computers, eReaders, and iPads and have books in our hands within seconds.  A new release fewer than five bucks?  That was unheard of.  We are at a tipping point in the published world; and just like the music world everyone must adapt or run the risk of being left behind in the muck and mire of the past.  The evolution of technology gives people an opportunity to choose.  Just like the disappearance of Tower Records and the demise of Borders, we as a society have demanded it.  Convenience created opportunities and gave voice to self and Indie published books; but it is the masses that hold the power to endorse it.

Music didn’t die from the dismemberment of the chain record store; matter of fact, if anything it created a community of cooperation and a plethora of newly discovered musical talent; that without the Internet would have dissolved into the background of local clubs and community fairs.  Why not with the written word?

I am excited about the opportunity to have my book out in the world and am humbled by the interest I’ve experienced from people who want to read it.  So here’s to you, my fabulous readers; I raise my mug of caffeinated coffee and plug my ears with mp3 music, all while devoting hours to writing the best stories that populate my psyche in the interest of you, my fellow booklovers.