Thursday, March 21, 2013

Don't be Limited by Conditional Thinking!

First off let me apologize for being pretty much nonexistent on the blog for the last month. I’ve been taking a class about Ralph Waldo Emerson, Judge Thomas Troward, Dr. Ernest Holmes and Emma Curtis Hopkins that really has stretched and pulled at my spirituality as well as my intellect. It made me really grow in ways that I never knew I could! Yeah, I’ve learned so much more that I get to pour in this blog and some really great ideas I can’t wait to talk about! But let’s get onto the topic I thought was important today…getting caught up in the nets of conditional thinking.

How often do we get caught up in the drag-nets of race consciousness? How many times a day are we affected by other people’s moods? We all have days where we are going along; having a great day until… someone’s bad attitude decides to show up. We could be singing along with the greatest songs that move us to shiver inside, but the minute someone enters our mental space—all the power goes out and we are left sitting in the pitch dark waiting for someone else to turn on the lights of flip on the power breaker. Why is that? Why do we allow other’s follies, moods, shortcomings, or otherwise affect us? It’s because we haven’t learned how to be of the world but not part of it. Now wait a minute…what the heck does that mean? Simply put, it means as we grow in our spiritual consciousness, we begin to learn that conditional thinking of people around us is nothing more than chatter for the fishes. When we learn to let go of other’s negative energy and replace it with love, we inherent the ability to let what others say, just roll off our backs.

You all are familiar with the statement, “It is done unto you as you believe.” If you don’t know that statement, stick around, I tend to state it…a lot.

See, if we are going to live with a conditioned consciousness, our lives we be conditional. We will be affected by the going-ons around us. When it rains we will find fault with nature, when we get in the car, we’ll be pissed at other drivers, when we interact with people, we will experience them in limiting ways. When we decide to be in the world, we will find that every interaction we have with anything can be affected by our negative or limiting ideas. Let’s remember the quote from Einstein, “You can’t fix a problem with the same consciousness that created it.” See we can’t become at peace if we are running around pissed off at people. We can’t be happy if we allow other people to define who we are. We can’t really have prosperity if we keep telling everyone we don’t have any money! 

Thoughts are things. We know this—we know it because we experience the outcome our thoughts all the time. We even claim it, when we say, “I knew that was going to happen.” How many times do we keep chanting a future event we are afraid is going to occur…only to see it happen? “God, I hope I don’t lose my job.” Oh, man, I have a bad feeling about this.” We are ALWAYS claiming our experience. ALWAYS! What we think about today becomes our experiences tomorrow. So why are we mucking it up with limited beliefs or conditional thinking.

Remember, I’ve stated this before…don’t be bound by precedence! Don’t think that just because it’s never happened that it can’t. We have hundreds upon thousands of examples where society wasn’t bound by what was conceivable. If that were the case, women would still be dragged around by their hair and men would still be chasing around mammoths with spears. Just look around and you will see where we have effortlessly leapt over the idea of being bound by precedence; where conditional thinking has crumbed to our evolutionary thoughts. From the discovery of electricity to the invention of the personal computer we haven’t let race consciousness, or the collected thoughts of people, limit us to what has always been.

We as a species have volition, freedom of ideas, thought, and intuition; that’s what keeps us in a forward motion, in a movement towards greater understanding of the power within us. We have a power within us that gives us the capability to move mountains and the only thing stopping us is our idea that we are limited in our abilities to do so. We become conditioned to what has happed as the only truth, whereas, if we truly looked at it, it is nothing more a link to our past. We must live on the highest point of discovery, willing and ready to take a faith-filled leap out into the vastness of our future. Be ready to accept the multitude of greatness coming your way, be willing and open to the harmony and peace permeating your every experience, and be able to see the overflowing abundance of Love in your life, right now! Spend your day in gratitude and forgiveness. See the Love within everyone…and I mean everyone around you.
When we let go of other people’s ideas and form our own thoughts filled with Peace, Love, Harmony, Abundance, and Joy…the world around us changes to what we expect it to be!

Thanks for hanging out and reading my ramblings~