Friday, April 29, 2011

Waiting on the World…

I love learning new things. I like to listen to people talk about what inspires them. I can't help but take what they say and swim in their words, letting their lessons wash over me and drown me in complete amazement. I love to be inspired, changed, and challenged. When we stop talking and begin to listen, miracles happen.
So of course when I got double dosed this week I was totally stoked about it. Basic words, fluttered powerful enough to make me pause. One statement was so amazingly awesome I am going to use it forever and the other a staple in my consciousness which, sadly enough sometimes gets tangled in the muck of the rat race.
What are they? Well let me just tell you….
The first statement I heard was an acronym. Wait… Yep that's what it is…WAIT. Why Am I Talking
WAIT—Why am I talking? When I heard it, Wow- my head almost exploded. Okay, maybe not exploded, but I immediately realized I need to understand wait. Why do I talk when someone needs me to listen? Are my words any more valuable than the next persons? Their words carry just as much power as mine do. Good or bad, words spoken just to fill space between awkward moments or flood excited bursts of life still hold the same influence. So this week I am practicing a new method, WAIT. When I catch myself talking over someone or just sputtering from my mouth, I will WAIT. Maybe by doing this I will hear something life altering, uplifting, and Love filled. (If you hear me yelling WAIT in the middle of our conversation please don't take it personal. I'm just training my mind to own it. Constant conscious repetition will eventually become a subconscious habit.)
The other statement was one that I hear a lot but sometimes when you hear it in a different pitch or tone, it tends to carry the weight to knock you upside the head and wake you up from sleepwalking through life.
"When you are with someone, be present." Simple right? Be present. If we are really present when we are with each other, the world would change instantly. To be truly present is a gift. Okay so the last statement sounds a little corny, but you have to think about it. How many times have we answered a call or text while in a conversation with the person right in front of us? How many conversations have we had were we spent most of it waiting to interject our thoughts? When was the last time we've actually looked at someone in the eyes when they are speaking to us; when did we forget to listen? We need to get back to living in the now. Living life every second of our lives; don't look at yesterday, there is nothing we can do to change it, the future isn't here yet, it is the present we are lucky enough to have. Today is the only thing we can change. Give up the tale of yesterday and create a new story today.
I believe that we, as a species, have entered into a spiritual awakening. Now hold on…W.A.I.T. I am not talking about religion, in the traditional sense. Heck I'm not talking about religion in any sense. What I am talking about is awakening to who we are and what constitutes our spirituality. What are we willing to accept for ourselves and have unwavering faith in? I'm not here to tell you what it is, I can't make that assumption. But I will say; whatever it is… own it, because it is sacred. It is the power that swells within you when you sit in silence and ask for answers. It's what pulls you through the toughest times of your life and gives you a new opportunity every situation to change your mind.
We need to stop waiting for the world to change and be the change we want to see. Live your dreams, own your passions and be the authentic you, you were born to be!
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thoughts are Things.

Sometimes there just aren’t enough words to write for what I truly feel in my heart.  How can I come up with the words that truly encapsulate the emotions that clogged my heart the instant I found out death claimed yet another friend?  Or how can I describe the childlike swell of excitement that bubbles in the back of my throat because I feel such reverence for life?  Why must there be such extremes in the world?  Maybe words aren’t needed in these times of despair and/or bliss.   Perhaps, it’s more personal than any words I could tap out on a keyboard or scribble with a pen.   Anyway here’s my attempt…

Today, I come from the deep place within me that knows, words carry power; but it’s what I hold in my thoughts—that carries my life.  Words are just words if there is no emotion behind them or no feeling weaved between their letters.  They become strings of phrases that clutter the space around us and they tend to lose their effectiveness.  But thoughts and feelings are personal.  They are the driving force behind love, peace, prosperity, and happiness as well as sorrow, anger, hate and fear.  Thoughts are things; they are the demons that creep up on us in rough moments and the angels that promenade with us in remarkable times.  It is how we decide to react to our thoughts, how we change our thinking that will determine how our life will be lived.  

If we weren’t meant to experience the whole gamut of emotions, than why would we have them?   How could we know what love, joy, happiness, and ecstasy felt like if we weren’t created to think the thoughts that lead to those emotions?   
Heck I’m just gonna say it…THOUGHTS ARE THINGS.  Think about this statement for a moment.  If thoughts are things, than what we are thinking about all day long is going to manifest in our lives.  You focus on lack, poverty, I can’t afford it, I’m no good at that, I don’t have enough time, I (insert you excuse) Blah, blah, blah… that is exactly what you’re going to get in your life.   

If you ask a blind man how he walks, he’d tell you one foot in front of the other.  He doesn’t stop walking because he can’t see.  He knows the only way to get from point A to point B is to do what he was taught to do before he lost his vision.  He doesn’t let the fact that he cannot see stop him from getting to where he needs to be; he adapts and adjusts his actions to find a way to make it work.  That is what we must do in our lives.  We must make adjustments to our thinking and thoughts that we hold in our minds.  We know how to love one another, be peaceful, and accept differences.  We’ve had to experience it before, because the desire to have it is so strong. 

We strive for peace, love, joy, happiness, and abundance in our lives, because we know how we feel when we experience it; because if we never felt it before we wouldn’t have the desire to obtain it.  Do you see?  We need to stop making excuses for the crap that is in our lives, and start affirming all the greatness we deserve.  It takes work and constant attention to see the good around you, the love that encompasses you and the peace that ribbons your world.  If it was easy, wars wouldn’t occur, poverty would be eradicated, and all disease and disharmony in the world would cease to exist. 

It is up to you.  Be the change you want to see in the world.  Pluck the strangling weeds of your old thinking and thoughts from your garden of greatness.  Till and cultivate the creative soil that feeds and provides nutrients to the new seeds of love, peace, and abundance you’ve planted.  Give attention to the seeds of goodness and the weeds that once overwhelmed your garden… will dry up and blow away. 

I am truly blessed and eternally grateful to have wonderful people around me.  Thank you for reading my blog and joining in the journey to a better way of thinking. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

BEEP, BEEP...Get Out of the Way Lady!

It is so refreshing to know that when you’ve made up your mind—all you have to do is get out of the way.  Case in point, most of you know that I have written several novels.  If you have been visiting for a while, you know that I started this blog to talk about writing; the creative process that goes into it and the world in which I get to explore while trying to get published.  Along the way it has taken a turn and I’ve decided to include you (my faithful reader) in on my personal journey to understanding the power of the mind, embodying the change I want to be, and the indisputable Law called Cause and Effect.

Well recently I’ve made the decision to e-publish one of my novels.  I feel the best way to get this particular story out there is to self-publish and sell it as an e-book.  I know there will be uncharted territories with publishing it.  But that happens with anything new in our lives.  I gotta tell you, I am excited about it.  The bubble that bounces in the back of my throat swells when I think about it.  I am fortunate enough to crack open another chapter in my story to becoming a published, prolific, and prosperous writer. 
I believe there is an authentic truth that is always giving me exactly what I expect in my life.  If I lived or believed in chaos, there is a guarantee that my life would be chaotic.  If I believed everyone is out to get me, poor little old me, and I am the victim, then the Universe will open up and supply exactly what I keep claiming.  What I focus on grows.  So instead of looking at everything I am not getting done with my novel, I’ve decided to focus on what is right and ready with my novel.  Today I accept the help offered through whatever avenues it become available to me.  Truthfully, I could sit back and wait, keep waiting for people to come to me, keep making excuses for why it isn’t published yet, or I can take the bull by the horns, and decide to be the author I want to be now.  

It is time to talk the talk and walk the walk.   It is time to act as if.  Without a doubt and beyond anyone's past experiences—it is up to me, and only me, to change my thinking and change my life.  I must keep aligning myself with the power of complete and total faith and feel the peace that floods my mind, my body, and my world.  That is when I will see the Universe open up and answer my desires. 

When we have the unwavering consciousness of what we want in life, then and only then will we have total faith that it is already done unto us.  There is no room for doubt, fear, lack, or unworthiness.  There is only room for gratitude, love, peace, and abundance.  

“It is done unto you as you believe.”  

What old thought patterns, belief systems, and untruths are we allowing to squat in our consciousness?  What crap is blocking your good?  Stop giving it the excuse to hang out, kick it to the curb and believe you are worthy, wonderful and prosperous.  Now it’s personal.  Now is the time to sit up a little straighter and start watching what thoughts, ideas and words rake to and fro across your consciousness.  Pay attention to how you are viewing the people around you and the world you live in.

Be the change you want to see in the world!  Let’s make inspiration contagious! 

Ideas for the cover of Wilson Mooney???   hum.....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What Was That Noise?

What does it mean to be quiet and listen?  Do we even know what that feels like anymore?  I’ll tell you what; my ears won’t stop ringing when I am in a completely quiet place.  Come on—you all know what I am saying.  We live in a society that talks a lot and never really shuts up to listen to our inner thoughts and personal dialogue that keeps us centered.  I wonder if we even know how to become still and silent.   How often do we just shut the world out and go within ourselves?  Not enough, that’s for sure.  But hey, no judgment here; I have to admit, my days of becoming still, quieting the world around me so I can listen to the still small voice waiting patiently to speak, have been few and far between. 

We have become a world of fast-paced, busy body, single-minded, individuals.  We have forgotten how to rejuvenate ourselves; we think we don’t have time to become quiet, still, and centered in peace.  I want to remember what it feels like to embody peace.  Really feel it in each and every cell of my body.  Too many times we choose to stay on the road we’ve always taken to get what we want.  Well, in doing that, we’ve created a pretty sizable rut that has built up around us causing us to become blind to the Y in the road.  
It’s like the story of why people still cut the ends off of their roasts, you ask them and they will tell you, because that is what their mother, grandmother and her grandmother’s mother did.  Well if we could go back to their grandmother’s mother and ask her why she did it?  She’d answer, because it didn’t fit into her roasting pan.  Why do we keep doing the same old thing?  Especially if it isn’t working for us anymore!  Why do we keep up with the same patterns that give us the same old results?  Habit, that’s why.

We are creatures of habit.  When we find something that seems to be working for us, we hunker down and get real cozy.  Even if it is the most painful, hurtful, awful experience in the world.  It’s the same limited thinking we have when we get our annual cold every winter.  Come on, we all do it.  It’s the same when we approach every interaction with the same crabby people.  Did we really expect to get a different result for the tenth time we’ve encountered that person, really?  Or were we so use to them that we clung to the comfort of their negative energy.  Because, now we had an excuse to bitch about it; now we have the same worn excuse to curse them behind their backs while we claim victimization. 

Let’s be real for a couple of sentences.  We are not victims of circumstance, we have the power to walk away or stand up for ourselves.  When others treat us like shit, it’s because we are allowing them to.  We haven’t listened to the small intuitive voice crying out to be heard.  We haven’t shut-up long enough for the right answers.  We haven’t learned to become still and quiet within our own minds and allowed Divine Mind, Spirit, God, Buddha, Jesus, Allah, Mother Nature, Fred, Betty, (whatever you want to call that omnipresent power that burns within you) to flood over us. 

We look at the world and keep wondering when the other shoe is going to drop.  Why?  When did we become such fatalists?  When did we fall out of line with our dreams?  When did we embody the lack and limitation of other people’s ideals?   Why did we grow to be what other people wanted us to be?  Become still and you will know why.  Stop talking within your mind and you will hear.  What it boils down to is our reaction to the world.  It is time to stop fighting and struggling with what we think is reality and instead, decide to change how we react to it.  

Simpler said than done, I know; that’s why I am blogging about it.  But we have opportunities to change our reaction to realities all day long.  It is taking that almighty habit and choosing to consciously react differently.  Start small—crabby friends, fighting kids, smart ass co-workers, decide today to react differently to it.  Don’t give any energy to them.  Maybe it starts with counting back from ten or talking in a low calm voice instead of yelling.  Everyone is different.  I can’t tell you what will work, that’s your job.  But what I will say is that you will feel peace, you will stop looking at the world as chaotic; and the only thing that has changed was your reaction to the experience.  That is it.  When you decide to change your reaction to the world, the world will change for you.  

Plant the seeds in the garden of your mind now, weed it, water and nourish it, then watch the beauty of your life grow from it.   Come from peace and peace will flourish around you.  Love generates Love, joy grows joy, generosity fosters abundance, and healthy thinking produces a healthy life.  Greatness is yours by your birthright.  Stake your claim now and move through your life in gratitude.  

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