Friday, July 1, 2011

The Wilson Mooney, Almost Eighteen Book Trailer is Here!

Well it is finally time to unveil the book trailer for Wilson Mooney, Almost Eighteen. 

BUT FIRST...I want to say how grateful I am to all of the people who have supported me, helped me, pulled me off the floor when I was ready to give up.  Without naming names, (because I didn't ask permission to write their names on my blog) but you know who you are; it is you who I am grateful for. My friends, family, and followers of my blog, you are the people who make the journey to being published worth it. It is my hope that once my novels are out to the world, others will see what you saw! Thank you from the deepest and most gracious part of my heart...


My debut novel, Wilson Mooney, Almost Eighteen was inspired by my insatiable crave to ignite, in my readers, memories and feelings of the first time they were spellbound by passionate new love. Tastily portrayed encounters and emotionally charged dialogue rightfully fuel the relationship between the complex; yet inexperienced Wilson and the guy of her dreams. The matrix of this love story will escort you through Wilson’s delicate and intimate journey of new discoveries, a lost family, and her first forbidden love.
Wilson Mooney, Almost Eighteen, a novel by Gretchen de la O. Book cover designed by Eunice Orteg√≥n. Images used in this video production are licensed by and Music, My Deadly Romance, licensed by 

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