Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Abundance in Nature

As I was out walking the neighborhood I noticed the abundance that surrounded me. No, I’m not talking about the SUV’s and sport cars in the driveways of luxury homes that embraced the asphalt-lined streets. The abundance I noticed was in nature: It was the limitless blades of grass on countless lawns; it was the never-ending blooms bursting from bushes, and the inexhaustible supply of leaves rustling carefree in the breeze.

Isn’t nature amazing? It is the perfect example of how we should be living. I’m not talking about becoming rooted in one place in your life. I’m talking about the abundance of nature, the automatic(ness) of nature, the uncaring, ever multiplying aspect of nature.

Trees are a perfect metaphor for our lives. Think about it, a tree doesn’t care what you do to it; its nature is to continue to produce whatever it is supposed to. We can come along and prune branches, pluck fruit, or pull its leaves, and the tree will respond by multiplying its growth. The tree doesn’t care that you pruned its dead branches; it doesn’t look down at the wasted fallen leaves and see loss. It answers change by growing new branches where the old ones were pruned; it produces new leaves, new blooms, and new fruit. Nature is a continuum of growth, release, renew, and repeat.

Look at the tree for an example of your abundant growth. Trim away the dead branches of your old spent thoughts, and pluck the ripened fruit from your limited thinking. Prune your consciousness to encourage and stimulate new ideas of abundance. Take the time to admire your limitless supply of greatness within you. 

Recognize the endless supply of plenty in the world. It doesn’t matter what appears around you at the moment. Know that you, like the tree, will eventually replace old growth and old limited thinking with new vibrant ideas, thoughts, and energy. Don’t look at your old conditioned thinking with a sense of loss, but with a sense of relief, of gratitude, and forgiveness. Be like the tree that releases its old blossoms, fruit, and leaves.

Spend a moment this week; identify the conditioned thinking you want to let go and like nature, release the spent ideas, give up the dead thoughts, and inadequate judgments. Let the leaves of your limited consciousness fall beneath your feet without looking down. Expand your belief in love, joy and abundance. Know, like the laws of nature must keep producing, so shall you.

Watch the expansive growth that occurs in your life. Rejuvenate in the infinite supply of the sun’s rays, so you can rejoice in the shade you created with your new abundant growth.

Thanks for checking out my ramblings….

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