Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It’s Time to Live Your Dream!

Waiting can be hard. I ain’t gonna lie!

I ordered the proofs for my first novel Wilson Mooney, Almost Eighteen,(Yipee) and I can tell you, the day it shipped, I’ve kept opening my front door, looking for the little brown box they are coming in. Okay so it would be near impossible for the books to be here the same day they shipped, but what if? Child like expectations… right?

I can feel the butterflies rumbling in my stomach and my heart climbing up in my throat; another step closer to my dream. We all have a dream, a desire, or want; it is the thought or idea that won’t go away no matter how much we try and chalk it up to a juvenile pipe-dream. It is the want that shakes our core with excitement when we think about it. It catches our breath in a shallow hitch and we can feel the energy bubbling in the back of our throat. You know what I’m talking about; we all have something we have wanted that bad. Unfortunately, so often our dreams get buried in the rituals of living the “real” life.

How many times have you thought about what you really want? When did you let your dreams become faded memories of a childhood nonsensical daydream? So often we have dreams, wants, and desires that turn to rock hard dusty reminiscences of what we use to want. They are the same bright ideas that look to be way out of our reach when we stop to analyze them.

We’ve let society dictate to us what is “safe” and way too often we are the ones that clutch the shovel that buries our dreams. Why?

We decide to give up and accept other people’s limited thinking.

So what if we fail the first, second, third try…at least we tried! We are so conditioned to expect to fail, that our own fears keep us from trying. Wasn’t half the fun of childhood, learning and trying something new? If we stopped getting on our bicycle the first time we wreaked, we would never have learned to ride. Now can you imagine never riding a bike, balancing on a beam, riding a horse, or hitting a ball? If we let setbacks dictate the outcome, we wouldn’t have experienced any of the great things that make us…US!

It is time to shed other people’s definitions of who you should be and let your dreams dance around in your head again. Let the fear of failure, judgment, and limited thoughts disappear into the vast black hole it was born from. You deserve every ounce of happiness there is in this world, and the good news is… there’s enough joy, happiness, and love to go around. There is an unlimited supply, and once you drink from it, you will find your life over flowing in it. What goes around comes around…so isn’t it time to praise the goodness and worthiness within each and every person you meet.

Who knows, they might end up being your biggest supporter!

Thanks for reading my ramblings.

(Here’s a picture to meditate to, or drool)

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