Monday, July 25, 2011

What You Lookin' For?

How many times have you felt like you were missing something in your life? How often have you looked at your life and wondered what the hell is going on? Have you ever considered that maybe what you are spending your life looking for… you happen to be looking with? Let’s face it, we all are taught from a young age to search outside of ourselves for power, strength, love, joy, peace, and authenticity. Have we ever really hopped off the hamster wheel of life to stop and think; all those qualities already exist within us?

Society keeps claiming we gotta buy it, eat it, become it, sell it, work harder for it, sacrifice for it, or travel for it. We keep getting offered an old expired idea that doesn’t have a warranty and the problem is… we keep buying it. It comes down to the fact that we need to stop looking at the world to heal us. We gotta love ourselves before someone else can. We gotta give with an authentic, unselfish heart in order to prosper. We must speak peace in order for peace to saturate our lives.

Too often we poor mouth ourselves. I can’t afford it, I’m not worthy, I didn’t ____________(fill in the blank) sound familiar? We keep make excuses for our successes, and why? So we don’t hurt the people around us? I have to tell you right now, we have to stop stripping people of their power. Who are we to keep our authentic self tucked away from them?

Why shouldn’t you believe that people deserve to be inspired by you? Praised by you? Loved by you? That is the least we can do in our lives. Right now is the time to be an authentic person.

Who cares if they don’t think the same way, believe the same way, walk, talk, or eat the same way? We all want the best for our families, peace in our homes, and joy in our hearts.

When we come to the realization that there is unlimited power in the act of deciding; the minute we truly understand the power of decision; our world will suddenly burst open with unlimited possibilities. That’s when we will have created a change in our world. Suddenly we’ll see that we’ve had what we’ve been looking for all along…

We mustn’t forget that when we come from Love, Joy, Peace, and Prosperity that is exactly what we get back, tenfold, multiplied, and running over.

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