Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Who am I? The Scintilla Project #1

The Scintilla Project is an opportunity opened for bloggers to write on a prompt given daily for a two week period. I decided to check it out after one of my fellow blogging friend posted about it. So of course being who I am—I decided in the flash of a moment and the speed of my fingers clicking the keys that I would like to be a part of this opportunity. So thank you Jennifer Lopez for posting it on your Facebook and I am happy to give this a try! Oh and BTW, those of you who are used to getting only one email feed a week from my blog you will now get one a day for the next two weeks. YAY!

So the prompts for today were:
1. Who are you?
2. Life is a series of firsts. Talk about one of your most important firsts. What did you learn? Was it something you incorporated into your life as a result?

Well so I thought about it and anybody who knows me…really knows me, knows everything about me is perfectly pinned on my sleeve. No hidden compartments, or secret plots to gain control of anyone/thing. Everything’s dangling from my 70% cotton t-shirt. I’ve never been who could origami my emotions into perfect folds of little frogs or beautiful swans; it’s just too many steps to remember. I never liked pink, always thought being a princess was passé and I’m a vegetarian who eats fish and truly doesn’t like to cook.

I could blame it on being taught from an early age to be my own person. Don’t conform to the world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

I grew up with two older brothers, and yeah I had every excuse to play the princess, hell I was the baby girl they all (even my brothers) wanted. But the idea of fingernail polish and ribbons in my hair when the world was waiting for me to discover it was unthinkable.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, even when we don’t know what the reason is. I believe I married the man I did because the Universe knew I needed someone who was easy going, loving, and accepting. I believe when we started our family, the guy upstairs looked at me and said, “Let’s makes sure we give this one, all boys.” (Thanks God) And I am a writer, because at 40 something I finally know it’s what I am supposed to be.

And as far as the second prompt about my firsts? Oh heck, I have so many firsts so let me just keep it simple. My first kiss, keeps me kissing because it’s renewing; my first hug, keeps me hugging because it heals; and for the record, my first “time” didn’t happen with my government teacher. But that’s a topic for another post!

Thanks for hanging out and I’ll write you tomorrow~


  1. Yay, I'm glad you decided to participate! I think it will be fun to do the prompts and to read other people's responses as well.

    1. Thanks J! Yeah, I can't wait to read others. BTW, I loved your post!

  2. Love it, Lol at the comment about your first time with wasn't with your government teacher. Yes, I had to ask my sister Connie if that was true. But Gretchen that only means you did such a great job writing it that you made us believe it wasn't fiction.
    Just reading the above tells me what you and Lynette have in common.
    Isn't it great having all boys. I love it. That's another story in its self.
    Can't wait to read the next one.

    1. You would not believe how many people ask me if the story is true. I love it when people come up to me and tell me who their Max was. It is so awesome! Thank you so much Cheryl; your words are stamped across my heart and give me inspiration to keep going. Please know that it is you who I write for.