Monday, March 26, 2012

Scintilla Prompt #9 Write a list of 23...

I had to think about this prompt; simply because I really didn’t know if I had 23 words relating to one particular “anything” I could write about. But once I sat silent for a moment it hit me and I instantly knew exactly what 23 things I wanted to list.

So often, like any of us, if you asked me to ramble off 23 things that pissed me off, my mouth would start flappin’, words would begin to roll across my tongue, and there’s no doubt I would start dropping four letter words while my arms flew spastically around bitchin’ about every last thing in my list of 23.

But not today! Today I am going to list 23 things I am grateful for. I’m going to find 23 words that label my gratitude with broad strokes encompassing the entirety of my life. So here I go (in no particular order).

1. Life (Without it we wouldn’t be). 
2. Endings (Endings create a space for something new to begin).

3. Creative Thought (Thoughts by thinkers have enough power to create).

4. Freedom (Without it we wouldn’t have self expression).

5. Nature (The ultimate example of renewal and forgiveness).

6. Choice (It creates the ability to make mistakes and grow).

7. Law (Keeps us in order).

8. Gravity (Without it we wouldn’t be grounded).

9. Decision (The first step in Cause and Effect).

10. Memories (Gives us the ability to file life experiences).

11. Vision (To see what we want and where we want to go).

12. Speech (We communicate our dreams and appreciation).

13. Money (Gives the ability to barter and show gratitude).

14. Love (The absolute highest expression of all life).

15. Euphoria (Keeps us aware of a power greater than us).

16. Touch (Heals even the most broken of us).

17. Laughter (Perfect expression of the existence we deserve).

18. Peace (State of being, that is our birthright).

19. Spirituality (Makes our lives our own).

20. Friendship (Mirrors what we put out into the world).

21. Family (Supports and keeps us thriving).

22. The World (Gives us unlimited possibilities).

23. The Universe (Where everything as we know it exists).

So there you have it~ my list of 23.

Sometimes we are so busy looking outside of ourselves for gratitude that we don’t even notice it is created from a spark deep within us.

With the deepest of gratitude, from the depths of my heart~ thank you for hanging out and reading my ramblings!  And I’ll write you later!

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