Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Scintilla Prompt #10 My Broken Heart...

My heart breaks often, more than I would like to admit. It shatters into slivers of twisted words, painful memories and misunderstood circumstances. Fortunately, I always find a way to repair it; whether taped with apologies, glued with forgiveness, or plastered with reassurance.

I tend to be the type of person who can’t wait for the debris that clouds my feelings to settle under my feet. My forgotten pain becomes shadowed by fresh life experiences that are turned and tilled until they have become an intricate part of the soil that nurtures the bountiful garden of my life.

Sometimes past events labor to collect enough remnants under its fingernails of circumstances to reopen the scars where my heart has healed. But it is the circumstances that happen without warning that breaks the mended seams. And every time I must fall to the floor as I hurriedly collect all the tiny pieces. Carefully and diligently I keep patching and filling the space where the damaged bits are lost forever.

Today my heart has grown and changed, always expanding to collect the stray dreams that haven’t found a place to settle and the forgiveness that never left. My heart has matured to an ageless collection of memories and feelings that make who I am today.
Thanks. Write you later!

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