Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Scintilla Prompt #5 A Day I Got Away With Something….

Funny how when I think back on the things, I shudder at the thought that my three boys would even attempt some of the things I did. In the eyes of my parents I was golden; and birth order had everything to do with it. See I was the youngest of 3 and the only girl; so by the time I came around, my parents had already used up all their spankings and disciplinarian tricks on my brothers. Not to mention, I learned from an early age, if I tattled on myself, I would get in less trouble, if any trouble at all.

Let’s face it; by the time the third kid pops out, parents have lightened up or tuckered out. They’ve learned what works and what doesn’t or they’ve become so busy with wrangling the other two, the third gets away with everything. Hey, I know I got away with so much more than my brothers….WAIT, I take that back, it’s not that I got away with more, I just didn’t get in trouble for things I did because I always confessed before my parents found out. My brothers on the other hand—they have stories that would curl your toes and make your knees buckle, so confession wasn’t always the brightest option for them.

I remember this one time my brothers and I were playing hide and go seek, right before Christmas and it was my turn to hide, well I ran into the garage and opened the door to a little room thinking nobody will ever find me. Little did I know, my parents were playing hide Gretchen’s Christmas present and she better not seek or we’ll take it back and she will get nothing under the tree. At least that was the on-going threat in our house around Christmas time.

There it was, the most beautiful sparkling purple Montgomery Ward’s bicycle with a white shiny vinyl banana seat! My breath escaped me and I lingered in a moment of suspended, oh my god, what did I just do.

I knew if my parents found out that I saw the bike before Christmas they would take it back (that’s how they rolled). I couldn’t tell them I saw it and risk losing it. Beside the dangerous part of my secret was, my brother followed behind me and was witness to my blunder. Of all things to find and of all places I decided to hide that day, why was it there and why a new purple bike. So it took everything I had to trust that my brother wouldn’t tell our parents and to keep it a secret. I sure wanted that bike, so it ate me up alive that I found it and didn’t tell them.

It was so distressing in fact, that I can’t remember if I was the one who told on myself or if it was one of my brothers; but needless to say, my parents found out. I was so scared that the purplishous Montgomery Ward’s bike with the shiny white banana seat wouldn’t be tucked next to our Charlie Brown tree on Christmas morning. My stomach was in knots, because I wanted that bike so badly. I wanted to feel the wind tug at my hair as I zoomed down the parking lot to Shop and Save. I wanted to take it out and ride with my friends around the neighborhood. 

Well Christmas morning came and along with it—the anxiety of not knowing if my parents decided to take the bike back or not. I had the self talk that if it wasn’t there I would never forgive them but if it was there, I would love them forever.

I ran down the stairs, my feet barely touching the ground, my throat was froggy dry, my hair tangled almost to a beehive, and my heart thumping as fast as a jack rabbit. I had to be the first down to see if my Christmas was going to be tragic or tremendous.

I turned the corner and scanned the family room. Tucked next to the Charlie Brown Christmas tree was the Montgomery Ward’s purplishous bicycle with its shiny white banana seat and a huge red bow. My parents never took it back and I got my bike. That year I inadvertently got away with knowing what my present was before Christmas morning. But believe me, from that day forward, I never opened that little storage room again.
Thanks for hanging around reading my ramblings and I’ll write you tomorrow!


  1. Aww what an adorable memory! I don't think I ever stumbled across my parents hiding place as a kid. As an adult I love hiding my hubby's gifts because he'll never find them, even in seemingly obvious places lol.

  2. Thank you J. and Cheryl! It's cool to know people are reading my blog! @J it was the first and last time I found the Xmas hiding place. ;)