Saturday, March 24, 2012

Scintilla Prompt #8 What are My Simple Pleasures?

Simple pleasures what a complex oxymoron. Sure we believe pleasure is simple, and as we should believe. But what is simple becomes involved when we stop to think about how intricate everything is that gives us pleasure.

The Sun dancing across our exposed skin, the rain tickling against our taut cheeks, the warmth of milk chocolate as it melts into our tongue, the contagious laughter of our children, watching the wind twirl and bend a field of wildflowers; all are pleasures that dictate simplicity but requires an exact and multifaceted choreography of nature. Actions much more complex than the pleasure it evokes within our souls.

It gives me pleasure to simply listen to music; granted I don’t ponder the elaborate beats and notes that create the melody, but I take pleasure in the feelings it brings to the surface. The deep swirling romance or the bellowing joys of laughter appear effortless enough and are pleasurable beyond any explanation.

Writing gives me pleasure, the images and scenes that crowd my head as characters hurl through life experiences. Scores of events I can’t wait to bang out naturally across my screen; even when my spoken words can’t help but stumble and trip across my tongue.

Above all, the most pleasurable thing in my life is simply watching my family discover the unlimited possibility buried within their souls. When I get to glance at the flawlessness of their creative process and the blaze it ignites in their lives.

Yeah, it’s the simple things in life that give me pleasure, even when I don’t understand the complexity of it all.

Thanks for hanging out with me and I’ll write you later~

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