Sunday, April 3, 2011

What Was That Noise?

What does it mean to be quiet and listen?  Do we even know what that feels like anymore?  I’ll tell you what; my ears won’t stop ringing when I am in a completely quiet place.  Come on—you all know what I am saying.  We live in a society that talks a lot and never really shuts up to listen to our inner thoughts and personal dialogue that keeps us centered.  I wonder if we even know how to become still and silent.   How often do we just shut the world out and go within ourselves?  Not enough, that’s for sure.  But hey, no judgment here; I have to admit, my days of becoming still, quieting the world around me so I can listen to the still small voice waiting patiently to speak, have been few and far between. 

We have become a world of fast-paced, busy body, single-minded, individuals.  We have forgotten how to rejuvenate ourselves; we think we don’t have time to become quiet, still, and centered in peace.  I want to remember what it feels like to embody peace.  Really feel it in each and every cell of my body.  Too many times we choose to stay on the road we’ve always taken to get what we want.  Well, in doing that, we’ve created a pretty sizable rut that has built up around us causing us to become blind to the Y in the road.  
It’s like the story of why people still cut the ends off of their roasts, you ask them and they will tell you, because that is what their mother, grandmother and her grandmother’s mother did.  Well if we could go back to their grandmother’s mother and ask her why she did it?  She’d answer, because it didn’t fit into her roasting pan.  Why do we keep doing the same old thing?  Especially if it isn’t working for us anymore!  Why do we keep up with the same patterns that give us the same old results?  Habit, that’s why.

We are creatures of habit.  When we find something that seems to be working for us, we hunker down and get real cozy.  Even if it is the most painful, hurtful, awful experience in the world.  It’s the same limited thinking we have when we get our annual cold every winter.  Come on, we all do it.  It’s the same when we approach every interaction with the same crabby people.  Did we really expect to get a different result for the tenth time we’ve encountered that person, really?  Or were we so use to them that we clung to the comfort of their negative energy.  Because, now we had an excuse to bitch about it; now we have the same worn excuse to curse them behind their backs while we claim victimization. 

Let’s be real for a couple of sentences.  We are not victims of circumstance, we have the power to walk away or stand up for ourselves.  When others treat us like shit, it’s because we are allowing them to.  We haven’t listened to the small intuitive voice crying out to be heard.  We haven’t shut-up long enough for the right answers.  We haven’t learned to become still and quiet within our own minds and allowed Divine Mind, Spirit, God, Buddha, Jesus, Allah, Mother Nature, Fred, Betty, (whatever you want to call that omnipresent power that burns within you) to flood over us. 

We look at the world and keep wondering when the other shoe is going to drop.  Why?  When did we become such fatalists?  When did we fall out of line with our dreams?  When did we embody the lack and limitation of other people’s ideals?   Why did we grow to be what other people wanted us to be?  Become still and you will know why.  Stop talking within your mind and you will hear.  What it boils down to is our reaction to the world.  It is time to stop fighting and struggling with what we think is reality and instead, decide to change how we react to it.  

Simpler said than done, I know; that’s why I am blogging about it.  But we have opportunities to change our reaction to realities all day long.  It is taking that almighty habit and choosing to consciously react differently.  Start small—crabby friends, fighting kids, smart ass co-workers, decide today to react differently to it.  Don’t give any energy to them.  Maybe it starts with counting back from ten or talking in a low calm voice instead of yelling.  Everyone is different.  I can’t tell you what will work, that’s your job.  But what I will say is that you will feel peace, you will stop looking at the world as chaotic; and the only thing that has changed was your reaction to the experience.  That is it.  When you decide to change your reaction to the world, the world will change for you.  

Plant the seeds in the garden of your mind now, weed it, water and nourish it, then watch the beauty of your life grow from it.   Come from peace and peace will flourish around you.  Love generates Love, joy grows joy, generosity fosters abundance, and healthy thinking produces a healthy life.  Greatness is yours by your birthright.  Stake your claim now and move through your life in gratitude.  

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