Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We Are All Connected…

Do you believe we are all connected in some way?  I do.  As a matter of fact, I believe everything in the Universe is reliant upon each other.  Discoveries in Quantum Physics have proved that what we think and what we do- changes the world around us.  We weep for the suffering, ache for the broken heroes, and empathize with the lost.  As in so much that we embody optimism, embrace the purity of a child, and align ourselves with the greatness of Unconditional Love. Even when we are but outsiders watching the event unfold before us.  

How can we not change the world around us?  We’ve all seen it occur.  From the smile of a child who has succeeded in tying their shoe to the compassion we have all shown for the victims of 911 and the quake in Japan.  How can our actions NOT affect the world?  It is time to know that what we do in this world affects everyone and everything around us. 

Funny, as I write this I think about the story of Horton Hears a Who.  A Dr. Suess book about an elephant that saves the world of the Whos, who live on a speck of dust.  It’s a great book about compassion, understanding, change, and power.  Horton happens to come across this speck of dust floating through the air.  Because Horton was quiet, and ready to hear, he heard the Whos crying for help.  Horton the Elephant, decides it is his job to keep the Whos safe.  “A person’s a person no matter how small.”  As the story progresses, other animals in the forest try to convince him he’s crazy and eventually they bully him to get the speck.  Horton doesn’t give up and as a matter of fact, enlists the help of the little Whos on the speck to work together to save their world.  Eventually, when all the Whos participate in making enough noise to be heard, the animals that didn’t believe there was anything on the speck, the same ones that believed Ol’ Horton was crazy, finally heard the Whos. (**SPOILER ALERT**) By the end of the book, the forest animals are all convinced that the elephant they were calling crazy—wasn’t, and they all decided to help Horton protect the Whos.

Sometimes, we are driven by the nay-sayers and sometimes we are driven by the deep compassion we feel for one another.  It’s when someone leads us to the water and shoves our face in it, do we finally drink.  It is our time to stand up and say, ENOUGH!  We’ve had enough suffering, enough hate, and enough negative beliefs.  It is this time, right now, to drink deeply from the waters of something better.  We deserve it, our children deserve it.  It is time for our race, the most intelligent living thing on this planet, to do what nature has been telling us to do from the beginning of time.  


We need to stop looking outside of ourselves for what makes us feel complete.  It isn’t out there!  A bigger house, more money, more stuff isn’t going to make us feel complete.  We could be the richest persons in the world but if we don’t have love, compassion and joy, it won’t matter, because we won’t be truly fulfilled—we won’t be content.   It is when we look within ourselves and see what we are doing is honorable, joyous, love filled.  When we can look out at the people around us and see only love—that is when we are truly content.    

Now how do we change the world?  One thought at a time…One reaction at a time…One decision at a time.  Think about it, what if we shook it up and decided to answer in the positive instead of the negative?  What if we decided today, to take small steps in changing our “poor me” stories and flipped them to prosperous me, healthy me, happy me.  How dynamic that would be.  We would see the world around us change.  Compassion realized, love unfolding, forgiveness surging and you would be the center of it for your world.  You are the constant that must change in order to see the change in your life.    Start today, move through your experience praising every little thing that is right with your day and let go of what is wrong.  Change starts within, realization happens when you decide to change, and demonstrations occur when you embrace change.  

Thanks for stopping by and checkin’ out my ramblings. 

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