Friday, April 29, 2011

Waiting on the World…

I love learning new things. I like to listen to people talk about what inspires them. I can't help but take what they say and swim in their words, letting their lessons wash over me and drown me in complete amazement. I love to be inspired, changed, and challenged. When we stop talking and begin to listen, miracles happen.
So of course when I got double dosed this week I was totally stoked about it. Basic words, fluttered powerful enough to make me pause. One statement was so amazingly awesome I am going to use it forever and the other a staple in my consciousness which, sadly enough sometimes gets tangled in the muck of the rat race.
What are they? Well let me just tell you….
The first statement I heard was an acronym. Wait… Yep that's what it is…WAIT. Why Am I Talking
WAIT—Why am I talking? When I heard it, Wow- my head almost exploded. Okay, maybe not exploded, but I immediately realized I need to understand wait. Why do I talk when someone needs me to listen? Are my words any more valuable than the next persons? Their words carry just as much power as mine do. Good or bad, words spoken just to fill space between awkward moments or flood excited bursts of life still hold the same influence. So this week I am practicing a new method, WAIT. When I catch myself talking over someone or just sputtering from my mouth, I will WAIT. Maybe by doing this I will hear something life altering, uplifting, and Love filled. (If you hear me yelling WAIT in the middle of our conversation please don't take it personal. I'm just training my mind to own it. Constant conscious repetition will eventually become a subconscious habit.)
The other statement was one that I hear a lot but sometimes when you hear it in a different pitch or tone, it tends to carry the weight to knock you upside the head and wake you up from sleepwalking through life.
"When you are with someone, be present." Simple right? Be present. If we are really present when we are with each other, the world would change instantly. To be truly present is a gift. Okay so the last statement sounds a little corny, but you have to think about it. How many times have we answered a call or text while in a conversation with the person right in front of us? How many conversations have we had were we spent most of it waiting to interject our thoughts? When was the last time we've actually looked at someone in the eyes when they are speaking to us; when did we forget to listen? We need to get back to living in the now. Living life every second of our lives; don't look at yesterday, there is nothing we can do to change it, the future isn't here yet, it is the present we are lucky enough to have. Today is the only thing we can change. Give up the tale of yesterday and create a new story today.
I believe that we, as a species, have entered into a spiritual awakening. Now hold on…W.A.I.T. I am not talking about religion, in the traditional sense. Heck I'm not talking about religion in any sense. What I am talking about is awakening to who we are and what constitutes our spirituality. What are we willing to accept for ourselves and have unwavering faith in? I'm not here to tell you what it is, I can't make that assumption. But I will say; whatever it is… own it, because it is sacred. It is the power that swells within you when you sit in silence and ask for answers. It's what pulls you through the toughest times of your life and gives you a new opportunity every situation to change your mind.
We need to stop waiting for the world to change and be the change we want to see. Live your dreams, own your passions and be the authentic you, you were born to be!
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