Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thoughts are Things.

Sometimes there just aren’t enough words to write for what I truly feel in my heart.  How can I come up with the words that truly encapsulate the emotions that clogged my heart the instant I found out death claimed yet another friend?  Or how can I describe the childlike swell of excitement that bubbles in the back of my throat because I feel such reverence for life?  Why must there be such extremes in the world?  Maybe words aren’t needed in these times of despair and/or bliss.   Perhaps, it’s more personal than any words I could tap out on a keyboard or scribble with a pen.   Anyway here’s my attempt…

Today, I come from the deep place within me that knows, words carry power; but it’s what I hold in my thoughts—that carries my life.  Words are just words if there is no emotion behind them or no feeling weaved between their letters.  They become strings of phrases that clutter the space around us and they tend to lose their effectiveness.  But thoughts and feelings are personal.  They are the driving force behind love, peace, prosperity, and happiness as well as sorrow, anger, hate and fear.  Thoughts are things; they are the demons that creep up on us in rough moments and the angels that promenade with us in remarkable times.  It is how we decide to react to our thoughts, how we change our thinking that will determine how our life will be lived.  

If we weren’t meant to experience the whole gamut of emotions, than why would we have them?   How could we know what love, joy, happiness, and ecstasy felt like if we weren’t created to think the thoughts that lead to those emotions?   
Heck I’m just gonna say it…THOUGHTS ARE THINGS.  Think about this statement for a moment.  If thoughts are things, than what we are thinking about all day long is going to manifest in our lives.  You focus on lack, poverty, I can’t afford it, I’m no good at that, I don’t have enough time, I (insert you excuse) Blah, blah, blah… that is exactly what you’re going to get in your life.   

If you ask a blind man how he walks, he’d tell you one foot in front of the other.  He doesn’t stop walking because he can’t see.  He knows the only way to get from point A to point B is to do what he was taught to do before he lost his vision.  He doesn’t let the fact that he cannot see stop him from getting to where he needs to be; he adapts and adjusts his actions to find a way to make it work.  That is what we must do in our lives.  We must make adjustments to our thinking and thoughts that we hold in our minds.  We know how to love one another, be peaceful, and accept differences.  We’ve had to experience it before, because the desire to have it is so strong. 

We strive for peace, love, joy, happiness, and abundance in our lives, because we know how we feel when we experience it; because if we never felt it before we wouldn’t have the desire to obtain it.  Do you see?  We need to stop making excuses for the crap that is in our lives, and start affirming all the greatness we deserve.  It takes work and constant attention to see the good around you, the love that encompasses you and the peace that ribbons your world.  If it was easy, wars wouldn’t occur, poverty would be eradicated, and all disease and disharmony in the world would cease to exist. 

It is up to you.  Be the change you want to see in the world.  Pluck the strangling weeds of your old thinking and thoughts from your garden of greatness.  Till and cultivate the creative soil that feeds and provides nutrients to the new seeds of love, peace, and abundance you’ve planted.  Give attention to the seeds of goodness and the weeds that once overwhelmed your garden… will dry up and blow away. 

I am truly blessed and eternally grateful to have wonderful people around me.  Thank you for reading my blog and joining in the journey to a better way of thinking. 

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