Monday, April 11, 2011

BEEP, BEEP...Get Out of the Way Lady!

It is so refreshing to know that when you’ve made up your mind—all you have to do is get out of the way.  Case in point, most of you know that I have written several novels.  If you have been visiting for a while, you know that I started this blog to talk about writing; the creative process that goes into it and the world in which I get to explore while trying to get published.  Along the way it has taken a turn and I’ve decided to include you (my faithful reader) in on my personal journey to understanding the power of the mind, embodying the change I want to be, and the indisputable Law called Cause and Effect.

Well recently I’ve made the decision to e-publish one of my novels.  I feel the best way to get this particular story out there is to self-publish and sell it as an e-book.  I know there will be uncharted territories with publishing it.  But that happens with anything new in our lives.  I gotta tell you, I am excited about it.  The bubble that bounces in the back of my throat swells when I think about it.  I am fortunate enough to crack open another chapter in my story to becoming a published, prolific, and prosperous writer. 
I believe there is an authentic truth that is always giving me exactly what I expect in my life.  If I lived or believed in chaos, there is a guarantee that my life would be chaotic.  If I believed everyone is out to get me, poor little old me, and I am the victim, then the Universe will open up and supply exactly what I keep claiming.  What I focus on grows.  So instead of looking at everything I am not getting done with my novel, I’ve decided to focus on what is right and ready with my novel.  Today I accept the help offered through whatever avenues it become available to me.  Truthfully, I could sit back and wait, keep waiting for people to come to me, keep making excuses for why it isn’t published yet, or I can take the bull by the horns, and decide to be the author I want to be now.  

It is time to talk the talk and walk the walk.   It is time to act as if.  Without a doubt and beyond anyone's past experiences—it is up to me, and only me, to change my thinking and change my life.  I must keep aligning myself with the power of complete and total faith and feel the peace that floods my mind, my body, and my world.  That is when I will see the Universe open up and answer my desires. 

When we have the unwavering consciousness of what we want in life, then and only then will we have total faith that it is already done unto us.  There is no room for doubt, fear, lack, or unworthiness.  There is only room for gratitude, love, peace, and abundance.  

“It is done unto you as you believe.”  

What old thought patterns, belief systems, and untruths are we allowing to squat in our consciousness?  What crap is blocking your good?  Stop giving it the excuse to hang out, kick it to the curb and believe you are worthy, wonderful and prosperous.  Now it’s personal.  Now is the time to sit up a little straighter and start watching what thoughts, ideas and words rake to and fro across your consciousness.  Pay attention to how you are viewing the people around you and the world you live in.

Be the change you want to see in the world!  Let’s make inspiration contagious! 

Ideas for the cover of Wilson Mooney???   hum.....

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