Monday, July 16, 2012

You Are Worth It!

Guilt is such a fun sucker! I know I’ve been absent from blogging the last couple of weeks, and man do I feel it! I’ve been really working on finishing Wilson Mooney, Eighteen at Last. I promised my readers I would have the 2nd book in a series out before the end of 2012…what was I thinking?

So, something’s gotta give. Besides, my family has 3rd degree burns on their bums from hanging out on the back burner.

Why do we do that? Why do we end up treating strangers and acquaintances better than the people we love? Or for that matter, let’s look a little deeper…why do we keep putting everyone’s needs before our own?
When will we learn that if our needs aren’t addressed and tamed, we will eventually resent the needs of others? When will their needs ever be fulfilled? NEVER—every person in your life will always need something—always. Now, I’m not saying that it is a bad thing. As a matter of fact, it can make us feel accomplished, needed, desired, and wanted…But there is a delicate balance to the ying and yang of our lives.

Too often we find reasons we can’t have a weekend away, a new outfit, a pair of shoes, a special moment, or that completely useless item we desire. So often we will take the smallest helping at dinner so everyone else can be satisfied or forgo a day to ourselves because it feels we are taking from those we love.

Our fears of being selfish have been ingrained within us at a young age. “Don’t be so selfish!” or “Oh, you’re so stingy.” How about, “All you think about is yourself.” So we hear these things as kids and young adults, and eventually we embody them as our own personal devils on our shoulders. We learn that we must sacrifice or give up in order to be loved or worthy. God forbid, we grow up selfish…

Let me say it again…there is a delicate, fluidic balance between the ying and yang or the cause and effect of your life. I’m not saying, go out neglect your family, take all you can get, or become a selfish person. What I am saying is there comes a point in your life where you must pull your nose from the grindstone of life and re-evaluate how you are treating yourself. Are you putting everyone needs before your own? Are you pleasing the people around you without consideration to your own needs?

How harmful would it really be if you took the time for a bubble bath instead of a shower? Would the world fall off its axis if you actually went to lunch with a friend instead of making sure your family’s laundry was all done? 

If we keep looking for excuses to be a martyr, people and events will provide them.

When will we learn, by refreshing our lives—by taking a moment to recharge, we enhance the lives of people around us? It’s not worth the “crash and burn” mentality we’ve created by feeling guilty for making time for ourselves. 

Stop feeling guilty for paying yourself in personal moments. Take time to listen to the still small voice within you that’s screaming to experience life. I’m telling you it is okay, because you deserve it. 

Did you hear me? YOU DESERVE IT! 

You will relate to your loved ones with a whole new attitude. You will start to feel your worthiness and it will penetrate you to your core and radiate out to the world. You are worthy. There is no guilt, no pain, or desertion when investing in YOU: whether it is fiscally, emotionally, or spiritually.

When was the last time you invested in yourself? It’s time to re-invest in what makes you feel glorious again.

Thanks for hanging out and reading my ramblings~ 

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