Sunday, July 22, 2012

What Floats Your Boat?

Sometimes it takes scraping across the deepest part of the ocean floor to really appreciate the wonders of its immense possibilities.

Now, I’m not suggesting you go drown yourself in the ocean to discover the answers to your life’s problems. However; the shock of the frothy freezing waves as they pummel you against the hard sandy beach, just might do the trick.

Because if the ocean, with all its undiscovered hidden treasures and rich abundant sea life, can rejuvenate and support itself so perfectly and with such ease, then why can’t we? What makes us so different than the ocean? Okay, so we don’t have crabs, or tuna swimming freely in the cavernous spaces of our bodies; but we do have the same capabilities as the ocean, in a metaphorical sense. Are we not controlled by the pull of the Sun and Moon? Is not our bodies made up of 97%....water? And do we give life and sustain life around us?

It isn’t the challenges of life that make it worth living; it is how we overcome them. It’s how we react to the swells of change and tides of fortune that make up who we are. We can fear the ocean’s enormity or we can be enamored by its elegance. The choice is ours.

Think about that for a moment…the ocean doesn’t care what we do with it. We can make electricity with it, we can swim in it, pee in it, surf it, take it in buckets and build sandcastles with it, or even sail ships upon it. The ocean doesn’t care because it doesn’t have to. It just is...

The ocean gives of itself without conditions, without fear, and without expecting anything back. WOW…can we say we do the same thing? Can we actually look at our potential, and say—“I give of myself without conditions, without fear, and without expecting anything back?” If you can honestly say you do, then by all means, walk upon the waters, calm the raging seas, and heal the masses of all their ills.

I’m not saying we can never do amazing things, I believe we all have the ability to obtain greatness; all I’m saying is it takes a lot of dedication and practice. We won’t wake up one day and be as open and fluidic as the ocean, but through changing our thoughts, changing the reactions to the world, and changing our dialogue, we can take a huge leap in the right direction.

It is what we do every day and how we feel while we are doing it, that either makes us limitless like the ocean or stagnant like a cesspool.

When undesirable situations come up, how do we react? Are we coming from a consciousness of peace, understanding and love? Or are we hostile, angry, and offended? When someone goes out of their way to help us, are we grateful? Or are we critical? Do we keep talking about the same worn out experiences and past events that evoke feelings of fear, doubt, jealousy, and pain? Or are we letting go of past mistakes and opening up to new possibilities?

Ultimately, if we are like the ocean, people’s limited ideas can’t define us, our possibilities are limitless, our conditions healed, and our worries dispersed in the vast nothingness from which they came.

It is up to us, as individuals to re-evaluate what is important to us, what rejuvenates and re-affirms our place in this world…it’s time to discover…what floats our boat!

Thanks for hanging out and reading my ramblings!

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