Thursday, April 26, 2012

What Are We Asking For?

I never meant to write about my spirituality, my belief system or what makes me tick. It was never my intention to create such a personal and revealing blog. I created Written & Ready to have somewhere to post about my journey of being an author and things I’ve learned as I’ve navigated through the process.

The state of my last few blog posts haven’t been the most positive or what some of you have come to expect to read. But being so intimate with you through my words and connecting to the creativeness that fosters my vulnerability I must remember certain posts will resonate with some of you, while other posts would be better left unread.

Thank you for sharing in my vulnerability and your thoughtful responses. Thank you for coming back and recognizing the compassion that binds each of us to one another.

Sometimes when we are bent and twisted into uncomfortable conclusions or our expectations dwindle to regrets and every salutation begins to waver away from our inner Truth; we can’t help but begin to look outside of ourselves to be made whole again. We are wounded by the spires of words piercing the deepest cracks of our souls. We take the longest routes to inner peace and struggle to remain embedded in the misery because we think it will protect us from truly feeling life.

I get it…I don’t live in a bubble pretending to know the answers to every murky moment. But I do know that sometimes it isn’t the answer we need to look for; sometimes we must come to realize that maybe we keep asking the wrong question.

What if we are asking the wrong questions? What motivates us to keep magnifying the problem instead of the solution?

It’s what we do every day that will define what the world makes of us or what we make of the world. Struggling isn’t our way; worry, doubt, fear and lack aren’t natural for mankind. IF those negative experiences were supposed to be our true existence, than we wouldn’t long for peace, love, joy and abundance in our lives. We would be meek and meager living in the complacency of darkness. 

We desire the light because we are forever expanding and expressing our lives through nature. We need to stop defining ourselves by the world around us. We aren’t our physical conditions, our bank accounts or our jobs. We are the porters of Creative Expression; we are the curators of Knowledge, and the guardians of Love.

Even when it seems like nothing is going right and life has kicked us in the gut yet again, we still seek the comfort of a hug, or the reassuring inspiration of the written word. So often we fall to our knees in moments of weakness only to forget to stand up in times of unbinding strength. But it’s when we reconnect with what makes us strong and we live from gratitude then moments that bring us to our knees become fewer and far between.

Don’t waste time wallowing in the mistakes of yesterday, it will not brighten today, and waiting for tomorrow to be healed will just bring disappointment. It is living today that dissolves the pains of yesterday and the expectations of tomorrow. It is being present in the exact moment of taking a breath that defines who we are.

It’s time we stopped holding our breaths.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.

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