Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Grandeur of Gratitude!

Gratitude comes from a place where time has no relevance.
Space isn’t wasted on sprigs of disappointments;
Or aspersions doused with hate. 
It flows without shape and warrants nothing more than acceptance.
It speeds with intention and won’t choose on its own.
Once acknowledged it floods life with meaning and embraces every moment weightlessly.
Lifting life higher than the world could ever dream;
Grateful hearts carry the rectitude of the open minded.
It is time to splash the waters of the renewed against accepting skin and bathe in its splendor.
Dampening all the disbelief and washing away the grinding sands of cynical thought.
Stand amongst the shadows of grand moments and embody the gratitude patiently waiting to be recognized.
Then humanity will experience the infinite grandeur of the Universe.

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