Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dust to Dust...

Dealing with someone who’s crumbling while they cling to a thin thread of hope that keeps them in an experience can be so painful.

How much can someone take before they decide they are done fighting for a limited existence? Why do we grapple and struggle with the idea that it’s okay to let go?

When are we truly done with letting fear dictate the end of our lives? Why has pain and suffering become the expected end?

We don’t have to suffer in order to die. We don’t have to be sad in order to let go.

If we truly believe in life after death, or something other than a vacuous nothingness, then we shouldn’t have to lay claim to suffering in order to transcend this existence.

It doesn’t make us nobler to live in pain, or lay and rot from the inside out. We don’t have to accept the limited belief that in order to die we have to fall perfectly into the definition of what to die from.

Maybe someone is dying because it is time. And what is time but a man made measurable moment? Who’s to say we have to live in that limited belief?

We weep for the dead and dying because of lost time. Moments they won’t experience with us anymore.

Let us wash away the sadness and feel the memories we have tucked away so delicately in the special folds in our minds. Let the waters of Unconditional Love cleanse the loss of the body and celebrate the freedom of the soul.

So I must tell myself everyday...

Live life moment by moment. Stop worrying about tomorrow, keep yesterday in the past and radiate presence in this moment now. Taste, feel and hear all the greatness around you. Close your eyes and realize you can’t feel where you end and the world begins. Live awake in the present moment. Taste the food you’ve had the pleasure to make, see the renewal of nature around you and truly listen with both ears.

Thanks for hanging out and reading my ramblings.

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