Friday, May 27, 2011

Bozo's Dead!

First off, just a quick update on my friend “Glinda”, I got her into UCSF, she had her surgery and she is on her way to a great recovery, so thank you to all who kept her in a positive light.  Thoughts carry power, and all your thoughts were right on!

I gotta say, even though we are in times of change, uncertainty, and growth, I really feel blessed to be surrounded and associated with so many wonderful people.  We are in one of the most exciting and renewing times ever!  Don’t believe me?  Let’s look back just 20 years ago… (wiggly screen, wiggly screen)

Remember logging into the Internet?  I didn’t think so…let me remind you…(telephone ringing) EEERRREERREERE(Screetch), WELCOME…..YOU’VE GOT MAIL… might as well make lunch, and watch my favorite TV show.  Oh wait, did I remember to put the VCR tape in the machine?  Forget it, I think I’ll just grab my Walkman and listen to a CD, while I work out on my NordicTrack ski machine.  Oh too tired, why not grab a paperback book and read.  I’m hungry; maybe I should make some popcorn and drink a wine cooler instead.  Is that my beeper going off?  Screw it, where is my Atari controller?

Okay, so maybe I’m dating myself by thinking back to simpler times…But was it…simpler?  We always gravitate back to what we think was an easier time.  “Hell, when I was growing up, we played outside until the sun went down.  That was our clock, no need for cellphones or video games.  Heck my mom just hollered and I knew it was time to come home.”  It is always easy to look back at something and see the greatness in it; the comfort it gave us at the time.  It is in our innate nature to look back and see things how we think we remember it (hey there is nothin’ wrong in it).  Only if we went back into those “easier” moments, we would still have the same problems, concerns, fears and insecurities.  The only thing that has changed is our memory of it.  We still felt the swelling pressures of life.  Only now that we are older, wiser and conditioned, we can react to things differently.

So why can’t we use that power now?  Well we can.  It is all about how we react to life that produces our future.  Think about it…If we decided to rest in the complacency of yester-year, we wouldn’t have the advances in medicine, technology and industry.

But, what if we, as the collective consciousness of the human race, decided to change our reaction to what we think is reality?

Okay, I don’t wanna lose you so read carefully… maybe I won’t sound so crazy.  Have you ever walked into a room and people stop talking, or someone looked at you cross and you automatically assumed they were judging you?  Or like we all have done, judged a person based on what someone else told you?  But come to find out, when you talked to the person or people you found out they were really nice or the people who stopped talking when you came into the room was just done with their conversation.  And the person who looked at you cross is having a really tough day.

It is all about how we react to reality.  I recently read a great line in an awesome book I am reading and it summed up what we need to start doing.

It said, “It is not Reality that you must change, but your reaction to It.”*

Sometimes in the most chaotic of times, we can find peace; the most impoverished times, we will find abundance, and in sadness, there are moments we are blessed with contentment.  It is all in the ability to react differently to the situation.  Hey I’m not saying it is easy; by far it is the hardest thing to do in your life.  But it is in that moment when we decide to change our reaction to the world, is when we will reach a tipping point in consciousness.

Christopher Columbus set out to prove to the naysayers that the world was round.  Before he did that, it was believed that the world was flat.  Aren’t we glad he proved them wrong?  Today, it is your opportunity to discover greater and more exciting things.  Today and every day after that, is your opportunity to change your reality and create memories of a better reality.  Pay it forward and the next time someone walks into the room; give them a smile or the benefit of the doubt.

Have a wonderful Memorial weekend.

Bozo Video from Seinfeld

*This Thing Called You, Ernest Holmes p.26

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