Friday, May 20, 2011

Open Up to Unlimited Possibilities

I've been working on my novel, WILSON MOONEY, ALMOST EIGHTEEN, for over a year now. Wilson came to me as I was beginning the second book of PROTOTYPE, HINDSIGHT IS 20/20. She took over my entire mind, not giving me a moment's time to work on HINDSIGHT. I wasn't bitter, because I loved Wilson so much, (still do). She is witty, strong, and brilliant with a touch of convenient pessimism.

When I wrote WILSON MOONEY, I never thought I would be self publishing it. I thought I was going to submit it to agents, who would love the story as much as my beta readers and I did. But as this tale goes, I never really gave it the 100% push to agents; yeah, I queried about 25 agents, most were a no from the go. But I wasn't persistent. I didn't query 100's of agents, like they tell you to do. And the funny thing about it; I really couldn't tell you why I didn't push it. I just didn't.

Then one day I made up my mind to self publish. It was so liberating. A huge wave of peace flooded my soul. Suddenly, I was in touch with the true peace that comes when you know you are doing the right thing. So I "acted as if" and did what I thought a published author would do. I read up about people who self published their work. They sold their novels independently using the eBook format for the Kindle, Kobo, and other eReaders. I looked at what different freedoms self publishing gave them. I like the idea that when you self publish have complete say on the cover, formatting and pricing. Most of all, when you self publish you don't have to conform to the constraints of traditional publishing.

The minute my mind was made up and I decided to open up to the unlimited possibilities and put myself out there, things started grooving and movin'. Now if I didn't believe in the idea that thoughts produce events in your life, or that what you focus on grows; I might have sabotaged myself into believing what I was doing wasn't possible. Let's face it we all do that at some point in our lives.

We don't do something, because we are afraid of failing or people sitting in judgment of us. Why do we let that negative ick bottle our creativity or success? So what if we fail at something, at least we tried. Who really cares about those people who judge you for following your bliss? Maybe, just maybe, they sit in judgment because of their own fears and insecurities. Don't let them stop you from accomplishing something that you hold dear in your heart.

Look at individuals who are extremely successful, you don't see them worrying about failing or people judging them. They set their mind on the prize and move forward according to their plan of action. They do it until it works. They also believe they are worth it. Did you hear that? They believe without a shadow of a doubt, they are deserving of the success they attract into their lives.

It is my goal to have WILSON MOONEY, ALMOST EIGHTEEN available to readers by sometime this summer. Yeah, this summer 2011.

Now I ask…is there something you've always wanted to do, but were always to afraid to attempt? Do you have an idea that is wonderful and forward thinking, but you just don't see how you can do it? Sit in silence for a moment of discovery. Be silent in your mind; tell that doubting voice in your head to take a hike. Because when it comes down to it; nobody stops you from doing it but you. If you want something bad enough, keep at it until it happens. Who cares about what other people think; if you believe you can do it, you will! It is your time to shine.

Don't be the one to look back at your life in regret because you were worried about failing or being judged.

Remember this…Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before he successfully invented the iridescent light bulb. His belief in something greater, inner vision and persistence propelled him into success.

Now go out and follow your bliss; because I can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve!

**DISCLOSURE** I totally believe in traditional publishing and if I thought that the publishers would take a chance on Wilson, I would have pushed. Personally, I think WILSON MOONEY, ALMOST EIGHTEEN is a book better served self published.


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