Sunday, June 5, 2011

Is That a Book in Your Pocket?

Finally, I am seeing the forest through the trees.  It is totally amazing when you decide to let go of all the preconceived ideas of how things are supposed to go and just let things happen the way they should.  Of course I am talking about my novel (Wilson Mooney, Almost Eighteen) and how close I am to having it available worldwide!  Okay, well maybe not worldwide, but America wide with some countries around the globe.  One day soon enough, Wilson Mooney, Almost Eighteen will be out in the blogosphere for people to buy and read and review and decide if the story I wrote was any good.

Talk about streakin’ butt-naked for everyone to see.  Every strength and weakness, every heart-filled word and sensual moments shared with friends, fellow writers, and strangers.  Words shared between the pages I wrote and the emotions of my readers.  How intimate is that?

Some people will fall in love with my story, while others will hate it with a passion; either way I have to be okay with who I am, my ability to reach people with my words, and the capacity to evoke different emotions within the people who read it.  Just as delicate skin that burns from the heat of the sun and stings from the blistering cold, I will have to endure the sharp words of critics and be healed by the caressing words of my supporters.

I have the most wonderful, unconditional, and giving people who support me, and without them my work would be pinned in a file of my computer; never presented to the world to be consumed.  They have cheered me on, pushed my limits, and evoked in me the gumption to continue when the self talking bull-pucky would creep into my mind and suck every last bit of personal assurance from my faith.  They have been the driving force to continue.  But whatever way anybody decided to look at it; it had to be my personal choice to self-publish and put my work out to the world and I’m beyond ecstatic about it.

Think about it, there has never been a time in our past existence, where we as consumers, could click the keys of our computers, eReaders, and iPads and have books in our hands within seconds.  A new release fewer than five bucks?  That was unheard of.  We are at a tipping point in the published world; and just like the music world everyone must adapt or run the risk of being left behind in the muck and mire of the past.  The evolution of technology gives people an opportunity to choose.  Just like the disappearance of Tower Records and the demise of Borders, we as a society have demanded it.  Convenience created opportunities and gave voice to self and Indie published books; but it is the masses that hold the power to endorse it.

Music didn’t die from the dismemberment of the chain record store; matter of fact, if anything it created a community of cooperation and a plethora of newly discovered musical talent; that without the Internet would have dissolved into the background of local clubs and community fairs.  Why not with the written word?

I am excited about the opportunity to have my book out in the world and am humbled by the interest I’ve experienced from people who want to read it.  So here’s to you, my fabulous readers; I raise my mug of caffeinated coffee and plug my ears with mp3 music, all while devoting hours to writing the best stories that populate my psyche in the interest of you, my fellow booklovers.

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