Friday, July 30, 2010

Who Said Murky Was Bad?

Sometimes murky is good, and sometimes murky is bad.  Murky is good when you want to set up a scary scene or detail an environment that is precarious and dirty.  Murky could be the best way to explain your thoughts after you’ve polished off a couple of bottles of red wine at the neighbor’s house.   But when it comes to how you live or choose to react to something, murky is just plain and simply put-- bad!
Who, in their right mind, enjoys wading in a pool of murky sarcasm?  Or for that matter, allows their self definition to contain the word murky? 
What if someone approached you and said, ‘Hi So and So, could you please tell me your best attribute?’  You piped up and answered- “My murky belief system.”  I could be wrong, but I don’t think anybody wants to equate their entire existence on the times they were stuck in that thick negative blah of self loathing.  Even if, on days we can totally bathe in it, own it and drink it up. 
It’s time we let go of that murky conviction that ‘we’re not worthy’ and start seeing the crystal clear truth.  Worthiness doesn’t come from our bank accounts, the cars we drive or the houses we own.  It comes from the deep seeded question-- are we worth it? 
I truly believe it is never too late to change how we want to be looked upon.  We can make the choice to be defined in what we give in this world, instead of what we get. 
What would happen in our lives if we started seeing the good in people around us?  What if we kept searching until we found something positive in those people who caused us to throw up that burning ick in the back of our throats?  Or dealt with the rude customer service person on the other end of the phone with a smile on our face? 
I believe the greatest power we possess, as fully conscious beings, is the ability to choose. Our reactions, beliefs, and experiences all are shaped by the choices we’ve made. 

So today, I’m going to choose to be content with just being in the space I am in.  I’m going to revel in it, embrace it, and focus on the positive.  Because there will come a day when I will think back and remember, how grateful I was that my cup was half full.

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