Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Build Your Own Book Boyfriend!

Okay so one of best friends came across this on Tiffany Neal’s blog. She really wanted me to do this. So here it is… My perfect book boyfriend…

1. Hair Color and Style: My BBF (book boyfriend) has jet black hair. I like him to have enough to run fingers through. Well, let me just show you...

2. Eye Color and Facial Features: Hello, I love light eyes. Green is my favorite, but I wouldn’t kick out a guy with blue eyes. Most of my male characters have green eyes. Love strong facial features, good shaped eyebrows I could get lost in, facial expressions are a must, A MUST! Nice strong jaw lines with great lips are so important. Heck, let me just show you…

3. Height and Body Type: Tall, 6ft is always nice. Muscular but not bodybuilder huge.

4. Visible Age: Considering I have a high schooler, nobody that looks too young, come on- I'm not a cougar. That’s just gross. I tend to see sex appeal in guys in their late twenties to early forties. Love the eye candy that isn’t still into candy!

5. Human or Other: Okay I have to say, there is something sexy about someone who has super natural powers, however; with that being said~ with great power comes great responsibility. I think from a selfish POV, I would prefer human. (but it's up for debate. *biting my bottom lip*)

6. Paranormal Skills: I don’t know if I would like someone controlling my thoughts or reading my mind. I could see where this would be considered sexy,  however; I see that it's just giving way too much power away.

7. Interests: He would be interested in me! Then of course a love of music, cooking for me and literature.(notice I said cooking for me!)

8. Habitat: Anywhere I was. As long as I didn’t have to fear for my safety.

9. Special Skills: Chivalry, because I know it must exist. He needs to know what I need and just do it. Take care of my needs. (Come on this is My Book Boyfriend.)

Wow!  That was fun to go through and try and find the perfect book boyfriend. To add pictures, just sent it home. Enjoy ladies! And if you would like to link, and blog this challenge, feel free!

Here is one for our Max lovers! And thanks Beck for giving him green eyes!


  1. I knew you couldn't resist this challenge. Thank you for the candy, yummmmy! I love it that we share the same BBFs. Must have been difficult to choose only 9 of your favorites!

  2. Yay, you were able to comment! I am glad too! And thanks for the challenge, it was tough to choose only nine, well ten pictures.

  3. ahhh you took my hoodie hint ;•) Thank you for the sexy addition!