Saturday, September 22, 2012

Live Consciously

To live consciously, you must be aware that there is something to be conscious of.

Just because there is a precedence of facts staring you in the face, doesn’t mean it is the end all, be all. Back in the day we never thought anyone would fly through the heavenly skies or dive in the deepest parts of the oceans, and yet we continue to obliterate world records, prove the un-thinkable, and create standards that were never considered feasible let alone, possible.

So how does the human race do it? How is it that we are able to obtain the unobtainable, develop and expound the capabilities in technology, medicine, and science? It happens when we begin to understand the law of Cause and Effect.

When we understand that precedence isn’t the defining moment of expansion, but the beginning point of true discovery, we will begin to understand the power of our intentions. It is when we reach beyond the proven and grasp the undiscovered.

Let’s not forget…15 years ago we didn’t even know what the Internet was, let alone how much it would change our lives. Was all this technology and innovation always there? Yes, but we just didn’t know how to use it. Just as nothing changed in the law of gravity or law of mathematics when humans figured out how to fly through the air. Nothing in the law of mathematics or electricity ever changed when we learned how to harness its potential and use it to better our lives, the only thing that changed was our understanding of how the law worked.

How is this relevant to our lives? Us little people who think we can’t make a difference in the world, or dent in the Universe?

It is more relevant than you know.

When you truly understand, with every fiber of your being, that thought is the most powerful tool in the Universe; nothing will impede your expansion and growth…except your own limited thinking.

If you’ve never used the great power that lies within you, how can you ever know what to do or how to use it? Let me tell you right off the bat; don’t concern yourself with how it works. You use electricity without fully understanding how it works, and it tends to do exactly what we want it to do.

All you need to learn, understand, and remember is that what you focus on, what you give your attention to, always shows up in your life. What you talk about, will always give it permission to stay in your life. Stop and think about it…ask yourself; what am I saying about my family, and my friends? What am I telling people about my job, my bank account, and my health? Am I agreeing with the people who are miserable, sad, broken, and angry; or am I finding the smallest blessing in the worst of moments? Because when you decide to approach life with love in your heart and mind, your life will change.

Life always begets life. What you decide to think into your experiences is exactly what you will get back. Authenticity will always bring Authentic events into your life. Because it is not only the words you speak or think, but the feeling you put behind your words and thoughts that gives them power.

Pay attention and be conscious of what you are accepting into your life. Believe, feel, and know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are worthy of a harmonious, healthy and loving life. You are amazing and you deserve the best life possible!

Thanks for hanging out and reading my ramblings~

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