Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What's In It For Me?

When is the word tolerance going to be replaced by True Acceptance and Unconditional Love? We go around saying we are tolerant. But are we truly? Are we willing to let go of our preconditioned thinking, limited freedoms, and dogmatic beliefs that feed our humanity?

We are so busy trying to get, trying to make sure nobody takes from us, trying to blame everyone around us, that we have lost sight of the line that anchors us to one another.

We’ve become so caught up in getting our own thoughts and ideals across that we haven’t taken the time to sit quietly and listened to what the world is asking for. We hustle and busy ourselves with thoughtless, brainless quests that we have soaked and marinated in for so long that we have adopted the, “what’s in it for me?” mentality. 

What if for one hour, we didn’t think “what’s in it for me?” but we thought about “what can I do to give back?” What if we started a movement, a shift in thinking, a global interrupt centered in the mentality of…“What can I do to change the world around me?”

Let’s face it…this is our world, and what we choose to put out into it, is exactly what we will be getting back.

So how often are we feeding our souls with life affirming thoughts? When will the false beliefs that keep starving our spirituality, humanity, and beauty become the empty skeletons we sweep out from deep within our closets.

It’s so easy to jump on someone’s train of thought, or limited thinking because we are too fearful to lose the connection or status we feel we have with them. Unfortunately, we’ve become a species that’s weighted our value on being accepted by others. But are we really feeling accepted, or are we glad we aren’t the one that’s being thrown under the bus?

How are we feeding our souls? How are we seeing the world? What thoughts are crossing our minds when we see something that seems less than we think is acceptable or perfect? 

I’ve learned that if I want to change the world, I must first change my view of it. My perception of my life has got to change if I want to change my experience in it.

It all stems from the word WORTHY…often, we don’t feel worthy of what the Universe wants to give to us. We fear the compliments because we have been conditioned to appear meek and humbled. The problem with playing meek is that we will end up going around the world falling victim to circumstances. We will begin to believe we have no control over how we react to situations we are faced with. We need to understand that we can’t control all situations that may happen to us…BUT what we can control is how we react to them.

Yeah, it sucks when shitty things happens, trust me, I know. But if we learn to deal with it, experience it, and move from it a little wiser, we will learn that we don’t have to live in it. We don’t have to let that crappy experience define who we are.

It is time we start to believe that we are worthy of every wonderful thing in this world and that we are more powerful than any condition or event can define. We have the power to react to every situation in our lives, which in turn, creates the world around us.

Remember…“It is done unto you as you believe.”

So, believe you are wonderful…because you are!

Have a great day and thanks for hanging out and reading my ramblings!

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