Thursday, March 17, 2011

Can Appearances Really be That Deceiving? Maybe.

Do you ever wonder why things turn out they way they do?  Whether it was good, bad or indifferent?  Why would death knock on some doors and clearly pass others?  Good fortune bestowed on the wicked and destruction annihilating the virtuous?  Can appearances really be that deceiving?  Maybe.

My husband lost a really close friend last week.  One day he was here, the next he was gone.  How could life be so cruel?  A father figure, lost to a broken heart.  A void created, growing with time amiss.  A vacuum of questions and statements lost on hurried moments.   

As tragic a loss it was, something shifted in our lives I must talk about.  Awareness… Blessed awareness, suddenly we became aware of each other.  We began to take time to reflect, respect, and be grateful.  

When someone dies in the prime of their life, it brings pause.  We started to re-evaluate our lives.  Why was I letting stupid crap affect my experiences?  Why was I really pissed off about a toilet seat being left up or mud tracked onto the carpet?  Did those actions really carry that much importance in the scheme of my life?  Was it worth the time and energy I would lose being angry or frustrated?  Or was taking an occasion to bend eye level with my children what really mattered?

Peace breeds peace, love grows love, forgiveness multiplies forgiveness. As simple as it is to say, it is the truth.  When we decide to be peaceful, our world is enveloped with peace.  When we love unconditionally, people open up and love us back.  When we forgive, suddenly the weight that is pushing us down crumbles to dust and we breathe a new breath for life.  Trust me when I say, forgiveness is life altering.  It is. 
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is waiting, but today is here and now.  Decide today to wake up to your greatness.  Right now is your time to realize your potential.  It is time to do what you’ve always wanted to do.  It is time!

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