Monday, December 6, 2010

Fricken Flu, got me!

I haven't had the chance to write lately, call it busy time of year, maybe it is the guilt(ies) creeping up on me for trying to cut time out of my life to write, or just too much "life" to contend with.

So guess what? I came down with the flu. Yep, the flu, achy, cold sweats, hot, upset stomach, even the unmentionables, basically, the whole nine yards.

Do you think it might be my body's way of trying to slow me down?

I pulled up my Google calendar and every day had something I had to do for someone. My "to do" color seemed to be beaming its bright green body, filling every day on my computer screen. Even though every person in my family has a different color, this week mine seemed to be the most predominate.

Maybe it was my body's way of trying to slow me down.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am always grateful to help people, but for some reason, I was the one who got hammered with a sickness to encounter.

So I had to cancel carpools, call in sick to work, miss a conference and rely on other people to shuffle my family to their events. Something I am not used to. I couldn't believe I spent the entire day in bed.

It had to be my body's way of trying to slow me down.

Wait a minute! Isn't it my job to be super momma? Moms aren't supposed to be sick, moms are supposed to be super human that will ignore their own issues so the family doesn't suffer disorganization or worse, complete melt down. Because we all know that if momma is down, the whole ship is sinkin' too!

My body doesn't realize I don't have time to slow down.

Well, even though the captain was down in the sickbay, the ship sailed through the rough waters just fine. Little did I know, or maybe I knew, but didn't want to believe that the ship was sturdier than I thought. Yeah, maybe there were a couple of rough patches that could have been handled differently, but all in all, my family survived my one day of the flu.

Now I just hope I am up and around tomorrow, because two days of this and I could have the Titanic on my hands.

I have to face it-- it was my body telling me to slow down.

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