Thursday, December 16, 2010

2010 Most Played Songs on my iTunes

Short but fun post today…

The ten most played songs in my iTunes for 2010...
Rolling in at #10 with 229 plays, a Death Cab for Cutie song, Meet Me On The Equinox.

Following in at a close #9 with 234 plays is Anya Marina, with Satellite Heart.

#8 is one of my favorites, Another Death Cab song, I Will Follow You into The Dark with 236 plays.

My #7 song is by Sea Wolf with 242 plays, The Violet Hour.

Rounding out the top 6th spot is my favorite bands- OkGo with the song, I Want You so Bad I Can’t Breathe with 246 plays.

 Right smack in the middle belting in at #5 is Come On Get Higher, by Matt Nathanson with 249 plays.

With one more play at 250 comes #4, Jewel’s, You Were Meant for Me.

Drum roll please…… With the top 3 being from my favorite band, they all come from one of the best fan 
bands around.

Coming in at the strong #3 position, WTF?, by OkGo with 257 plays

#2 with a 20 play jump to 277 plays, OkGo’s Shooting the Moon.

Drum roll again, now for the most played song for 2010 of my personal iTunes library, it is….

#1… with a huge play count of 368(3days more than a year) it is….OkGo’s best song ever,  Oh Lately You’re so Quiet.

There you go, just a fun little post.  I’m not saving wildlife or curing diseases, but at least you might find a song you’ve never heard before and become a fan. 

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