Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fire in the Hole!

I have two words for you today… Burning Bowl. 

What is it?  You ask.  Well let me just tell you it has nothing to do with Flaming Hot Cheetos in milk or JalapeƱo peppers once they are ingested (far from that).

It is a physical, tangible, and symbolic representation of letting go of the past and opening up to receive the future.  It’s the renewing of your mind and definition of who you are.  In other words, it is the act of letting go of who and what you USE to be and embracing the who and what you are right NOW. 

The greatest thing about the exercise is anyone can do it.  All you need is a bowl, matches, paper and old ideas you want to let go…

We look at the New Year as a time to renew ideas, vows, goals and expectations.  We believe by changing our thinking we can change our experiences.  What better way to embrace change than to disintegrate the old “not working for you” ideals. 
So below are the steps to letting go of what use to be and embracing what is to come.


  1. Set the bowl somewhere it won’t get knocked over and won’t cause a fire hazard or damage personal belongings. (common sense things)  I would put it on the kitchen counter.
  2.  On a small piece of paper (Don’t use a letter size, blazes can be frightening) write bullet point ideas you want to change or let go for the New Year.  Ideas you don’t want to take with you in the renewing of your mind.   It is time for us to let go of our old baggage and worn out stories.  Self doubt, anger, fears, lack of support, disharmony, dysfunction, guilt, debt, anything you want to step away from or any ideas you don’t want to define you anymore. 
  3. Drop the paper into the bowl, strike the match and watch the old ideas, thoughts, and judgments disintegrate into the nothingness from which they came.  Allow yourself to be forgiven and loved.  Believe you have every right, as much as anyone else to have joy, happiness, health and prosperity in your life.  Visualize all the old definitions you’ve allowed to define you melt away in the flames. 
  4. Once the paper is gone, the fire is gone, all that is left is ashes and the bowl has cooled, take those ashes and release them into the garden or set them outside and let the gentle wind carry them away.  Healing begins with unconditional forgiveness, so forgive any judgment you’ve put upon yourself and others.  Let go of past deeds of others and misfortunes of yesterday.  Today is new; embrace it with your renewed vision and goals.
  5. Let your new ideas, new definitions, and new beliefs to be born.  Think the thoughts that elevate you and cause your heart to smile clear to your lips.  Plant the ideas you want to grow in your world.  Give yourself the permission to be the wonderful you, you are meant to be. 
  6. Affirm every day what you want in your life and go out and make it happen.
From the ashes a Phoenix is born.  Be the new you, you deserve.  Come from unconditional love, complete forgiveness, and undeniable self confidence that are all yours by your birthright.   It is time to start seeing the infinite possibilities that await your acceptance.  It is time to stand up and claim the power of change that dwells within you.  

Happy New Year and Peace be with you!

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