Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Today is the Day!!!


If we keep putting off our good until tomorrow, nothing will ever be good enough.

We do this all the time. We save the good china for guests and special occasions. We hold onto that thingamajiggy for the day we feel worthy to use it. But all we end up with is lots of wishes for tomorrow. We push our good out to the future because we are afraid if we give it to ourselves today it might not be as special, or as good.

Isn't it time we all came to the realization that life is right now. That there aren't any tomorrows that are guaranteed. You are worth the fine china, even if it's only mac and cheese being served up! You are worth using that thingamajiggy today! Don't put off for tomorrow what you can have today. Is it living if we are always looking outside of where we are? What are we doing to ourselves when we look to yesterday for today's answers and how much power/time/energy are we giving away by pushing our good off until tomorrow?

You are living today. You're the miracle waiting to happen right now, not tomorrow, not the next day or the day after that. Give yourself this daily bread, carbs and all. Living in the moment is being present in your life. No more unconscious living. No more scarfing down the robust and plentiful dinner without tasting it. Take this moment now to feel the air brush across your skin, the smell of the rain as it dissolves into the sidewalks, listen to the sounds of your life with a new ear.

I'm not saying we won't have days where comfortably numb isn't welcomed. We all have those days. They are valid because your feelings are valid. But to live every moment comfortably numb isn't living, it's just existing until the next tomorrow. Take up thy bed and walk. If you're like me and have days where you look up and wonder what happened to the last week, month, or year, it's time to take a deep breath, be grateful you came to the realization that you deserve more. YOU DESERVE MORE!  Take a second in the day to find one small thing to be grateful for. Find a sliver of something beautiful in the heap of comfortably numb.

When you discover that there is beauty around you, that there are moments to celebrate even if they are the most ridiculous things, you'll begin to see that the outcome of your experience isn't in the hands of the world, it isn't perched in tomorrow's ideas, but in this moment now, right where you are. It's time to celebrate the fact that you are important in the scheme of your life. YOU hold the thoughts that power your experiences. HUGE. You are the creator of your day, the maker of moments, the only person who can decide how you're going to react and interact with people, places, events and things.

I understand it's not the easiest thing to do when you've spent your life looking at the glass half empty. You don't want to feel the pain of being let down, you'd rather rely upon the reality of the world around you. I get it, we all reside there sometimes. But, what's life if we don't give ourselves moments to experience the breath-hitching wonderful. What are we robbing from ourselves by numbing ourselves to the grandeur that is waiting for our arrival? You're created out of the same substance that created the stars. That's no joke, look it up. Every element they discovered in the creation of stars are all elements found here on earth. Therefore, you're soaked through and through to be a STAR! You knew it, there is that burst of brilliance at the center of who you are. Find it, make that your next adventure, discover that tomorrow is nothing more than more of today. You are a mighty moving force in your life, no matter how it may appear. YOU have the right to a do-over, a restart, a re-boot. Find your star and burn brightly my loves!

LOVE and PEACE be with YOU today!
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