Sunday, February 5, 2012

Trust Yourself

It's not the monstrous waves of disappointment that keep crashing relentlessly against the jagged edges of our lives that determine which story we'll cling to for rectitude; it’s the momentary flashes of calm in between.

How often do we struggle and gasp for air as the titanic wave of fear and pain crash upon us? Where has it been determined that drowning in everyone else’s expectations is righteous? Please show me where it’s acceptable to live our lives clinging to the rocky cliffs of the well intentioned.

When will we truly let go and trust the tides and swells of our own magnitude? It’s in our nature to be submerged in peace and love not anger and hate. The day we decide to hurl ourselves off the cliff riddled with blame and hate and dive into the refreshing weightless pool of responsibility and respect our lives will change. We will begin to swim in the limitless ocean of creative discovery. We will float in an endless sea of unlimited potential. Our lives will mirror the magnificent ideas and affirmative thoughts that pour from our minds.

It first starts with trust. Trust in yourself; trust in a power greater than you are. Trust in the idea that you deserve the best that life has to offer. Eventually that trust grows into Faith and in your Faith you will see a real change occur. Faith in something greater than your limited ideas of yourself; in the untapped potential you haven’t even seen yet. Faith is when you believe in something you can’t see, but you know exists.

For example, we can’t see love; it is invisible, yet very real. We experience the residual effect of love all the time, but we can’t see the cause of it; we just know it exists through feelings and experiences. The same thing with Peace, Joy and Abundance; they aren’t tangible material things and yet we ache to have them.

Peace, Love, Joy and Abundance are all states of being and in order to want them, we must have experienced them at one time or another. If we never experienced them, we wouldn’t even know they existed. But fortunately we know the Truth. It is in our nature to Love and it is in our nature to live in Peace. When we come from Unconditional Love and Complete Peace the Universe can’t help but say yes to us.

My your day be filled with so much Love it radiates from every cell of your body and may Peace permeate every place you go~ Thanks for checking out my blog and reading my ramblings!

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