Monday, February 27, 2012

The Seeds of Fear

Why do we work our way up to a cliff that seems so steep and jagged that when we look over the side we feel we only have one option—JUMP? What is it, within us that makes us resort to the fight or flight mentality? Have we become so imprinted with the comfort of fear and pain that we’ve intricately woven it into every experience we have?

We’ve all done it—something great happens and yet we wait for the other shoe to drop. We get ahead with a little money and something dramatic happens. We receive something valuable and we worry it will be stolen from us. We are conditioned from childhood to live in fear.

How often have you heard, “don’t leave (fill in material object) out, someone will steal it.” or “don’t talk to strangers.” We have been bombarded with good intentional lessons filled with fear all of our lives; innocent statements filled with fear ridden tactics. Now, we don’t do it to be Negative Nillies. It usually isn’t taught with any thought of malicious intent. It is just a way we’ve been controlled into doing what makes others comfortable. We’ve adopted other people’s beliefs and interpretations of who we are supposed to be or how we are supposed to act.

Fortunately, you are an independent thinker and being your own thinker, you have the ability to make changes in how you choose to react to fear based feelings, thoughts and words. But it starts in your own mind. You must first wake up and realize that you are the only person who has access to your thoughts. Nobody on the face of the Earth can determine or know what you are thinking all the time. Isn’t it amazing, you are the only person who knows exactly what you are thinking—24 hours a day 7 days a week? Next you must understand that what you feel and think within your own mind creates what’s happening outside in the world. When you understand that even the tiniest feeling or thought of lack and fear will taint every corner of your mind, you begin to pay attention to what you’re feeling and thinking about.

Once you awaken to the idea that the only constant in every condition or situation is you—you begin to understand the true raw power of changing your thoughts and feelings will change your life. Nobody can do anything for you or to you, unless you allow them to. Think about it, how many times have you misread an email? How many times have you over reacted to a situation or condition that you looked back on later and felt embarrassed or stupid? How many times have you accused someone only to find out it wasn’t them or you felt guilty or blamed yourself for something? These actions and thoughts are useless and have no room in your life. Guilt isn’t a consciousness or righteousness builder, it is a life sucker. Guilt and blame are nothing more than time stealers and you have more important things to do than to be stuck in the muck and mire of that negative thinking.

You are more powerful than you think. As you begin understanding that you are the most powerful person in your life, you will begin to move away from guilt, fear, blame and pain and you will come into alignment with your true nature. Begin by forgiving yourself for anything you may have done or thought from this exact moment back. Listen—the past is the past, keep it where it belongs. Don’t drag yesterday’s mistakes into today. It doesn’t do anything but poison your opportunity to do great things. Learn from your mistakes and don’t cling to them for security.

Think of your thoughts and feelings as dandelion seeds. When a gust of wind or a wishful breath is blown across the spherical poof, the seeds are wisped away and carried by a vast potential of renewal. The wind doesn’t think about where it is taking the seeds, it just does what is in its nature. Once the dandelion seed lands in the fertile waiting ground, the seed and soil begins to cooperate to nurture the potential within the seed. The dirt doesn’t fear the seed; it embraces it, surrounds it, protects it and helps the seed reach its full potential. Everything the dandelion is—is contained within that seed, and just like a dandelion seed everything you need is contained within you. All you need to do is trust the soil of your life to nurture it. What is your soil? It is the power in the Universe that continues to say yes to every thought, every word and every action you give it.

Give the Universe something great to work with. Let the old spent ideas of fear, doubt, lack and guilt blow away into the nothingness they belong and watch Love, Assurance, Abundance and Forgiveness begin to bloom back into your life!

Thanks for reading my ramblings! 



  1. Great writings once again. I am vacillating on the point of leaving the past in the past. There was a time I wanted to confront an individual about their living in the past - dragging up things constantly and holding grudges and causing offense. I found myself writing letters never sent, emails deleted, etc. Now, they have hurt another person I love very deeply and I wish I had had the strength to tell this person what amounted to words lost. I wanted to remain positive and responsible for my actions and in retrospect - enabled their hurtful behavior. Now, I sort of feel that one way to move forward is to resolve issues. I think that is why the past comes back. So, an important step in moving forward, is as you've written--to forgive yourself. However, can forgiveness be obtained freely or must it come first by addressing issues and working to resolve them. I can't control others nor feel guilty for their actions, but in this instance, I do wish I'd spoken up.

  2. If we spend our energy on wishing we could change the past, then we would never evolve and move forward in the world. Let’s face it, everyone has a moment they wished they would have handled a situation or event differently. We are human and that is a part of our worldly experiences. BUT, as we begin to comprehend and really understand the power of our minds and we begin to move from a belief in blame and guilt, into a belief in peace and love we begin to let go of situations and people who cause chaos in our lives. As you start to feel the real authenticity of coming from love instead of hate, you’ll notice your life becomes a lot easier. Nobody can make you feel anything. NOBODY has that much power over you unless you allow it. Remember, it is how you react to their words and actions that give them power or not. You can either accept their words as end all be all or you let them go where they belong~out into the powerless black nothingness from which they came. Now I admit, it sounds a lot easier than it is, however; as you get better at forgiving and letting go, you will see that words spoken from spite, vacant hearts or anger aren’t spoken from the Truth of that person. At the core of everyone, there is good, there is love, there is an unlimited power that wants to experience good. It just sometimes people lose touch of that inner core and start to live up to other’s negative expectations. Sometimes it is better to let go and expect something different.