Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On the Canal Trail...

I was out for a walk yesterday and as I turned to go up the canal trail I noticed the level of the water in the canal had dropped significantly. It was so low in fact; I actually experienced the shock of choking on my breath and the expansive drop of disappointment in my gut. My only thought ~ what the hell are we going to do? Immediately I went into the belief of doom and gloom and not having enough rain this winter. What are the ducks and fish going to do with such little water? 

Why do we do that? Why do we immediately assume the worst? Automatically our minds drop right into the “Eeyore” mentality. Well we are conditioned that way because we’ve bought into something called, “race consciousness.” Race Consciousness is the collective thought of the human race. All thought seeks to express through the paths of least resistance. When we become negative or fearful we attract that kind of thought and condition in our lives.

So when I realized I was “buying” into the belief that we didn’t have enough water in the canal; a thought came to me. What if the canal workers drained it on purpose?

Here let me explain.

There is a certain upkeep they must do to maintain the walls, pumps, and fences of a canal. When things need to be repaired or replaced, they must empty the space to see the problem, rectify the situation and make it more efficient and proper. They didn’t dry it out and destroy the life that depends on it. They simply made the decision to drain the old, fix the problems and let it fill back when it’s time.

Now what if we thought of the canal like our own consciousness? What if we took all of our negative beliefs, conditional thinking, limited ideas and fearful thoughts and let them drain from our mind? Once we have stopped the flow of old ideas, we can see where we need to repair, replace and renew the frame or walls of our beliefs. Let the new fluidic thoughts of prosperity, love, joy, and peace fill the canal of our minds. Water is formless and without intention until we use it with purpose; same with our thoughts. Until we make a conscious decision to change our thinking, we will continue to blame the water for drowning those who can’t swim.

Hey I’m not saying it’s easy or without having to do some pretty intensive work. Okay, sometimes we might have to put on our slickers and wade through the muck and mud of some pretty gnarly, stagnant beliefs. But once we repair the cracked cement, replace the old inefficient pumps and mend some fences we’ll notice our lives flow so much better.

There must first be an intentional thought before anything can be made manifest. We live in an ever expanding universe, why are we so afraid to stretch? Life wants to give us everything our hearts desire, why won’t we take it?

I know I say the time is now—a lot, but hey it really is. It is time to let go of hate, let go of limited belief, let go of the idea of lack, and powerlessness. It is time to let all of that go and know right here and right now that you are a force in this world that deserves to experience the greatest the Universe has to offer.

It is in our nature to live a life of gratitude; a life of service; a life of eternal peace. Science has already proven that we are all interconnected. This is your opportunity to experience it. Start today; give someone a smile, a hug, an encouraging word; start seeing the world you want to live in and before you know it, your world will change.

Thank you for hanging out and reading my ramblings. 

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  1. You never cease to amaze me. When I get all “puffed” up, thinking that I am so “in spirit” you come along and pour light all over me. I am so glad I have you around to keep my path bright and even. Your loving mother