Sunday, October 30, 2011

Find Your Diamonds!

Being Authentic is really important to me. Anyone can walk around being something they aren’t; living under a persona that chalices their ego and indulges their psyche. When people don’t come from their authentic self they appear to have a soul that doesn’t bruise or a second thought that doesn’t stick to their mind. But what they don’t realize—people can see right through it.

To come from your authentic self doesn’t mean you lose your privacy, or become weak. As a matter of fact, you become stronger, more confident, and yet unassuming.

You’ll know when you are acting from your authentic self. You’ll notice nothing seems forced, laborious, or fake. You will live in the exact moment you breathe in and exhale. Storms of yesterday will be distant clouds and the currents of tomorrow will be calmed.

I have such a deep connection when people come up and tell me how much they loved reading Wilson Mooney. Each and every word that pours from the people who have fallen in love with Wilson and Max has been etched in the deep folds of my heart. Every person has created a ripple in the patterned waves that increasingly have become my gratitude.

I don’t know why I am still amazed when people tell me that they loved the story or that it was well written. Sometimes, I become intimidated by other people's expectations. See, some people can’t believe I have a natural ability to tell a story. Hell most of my life I didn’t know, until I tried. Because let’s face it, that’s all I am doing. I’m not curing diseases or saving baby whales. I am writing stories that people can escape into. I am giving people the opportunity to leave their day behind them, and shelf their worries of tomorrow to become someone else today. I am giving them permission to experience a different life without guilt.

That’s all I am doing. That’s all I want to do. I want to write stories that allow my readers to become someone else for a couple of days, and if they are thinking about the characters a week after they’ve finished the book, I’ve done my job!

Being authentic isn’t about money, fame, or ego. It’s never about that. It can’t be. See if you are doing what you love, you can’t help but be authentic; because authenticity comes from a deep unconditional love that bubbles and swells within your soul. It isn’t something you can buy or pretend into existence.

You become authentic when you learn to live in the moment. It’s when you give of yourself selflessly; become open to the love of the human race, and find all the reasons you are grateful to be breathing today.

It is the moment you find the spark of life waiting to ignite every experience. Even the silt of the ocean floor has the potential to become a pearl. Hidden amongst the dirt of the mountains are perfect diamonds.

What potential is buried deep within you? What is it that sparks passion, and evokes unbridled zeal in your life? Go within, search within your own house; your own authentic self; within you are all the diamonds you desire and all the pearls you want; all you gotta do is dig deep enough!

Thanks for reading!

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